• Surgeries and Sharknados


    Well. We had to have surgery. 3 stitches. In an attempt to try to keep the wound forming a scar.


    He was an amazing trooper through the entire ordeal. Knowing he was going to get to drive a car before the surgery seemed to help manage his impatience. I want to makeout with whomever came up with THAT idea. It was GENIUS. Of course, the nurse he almost ran over might disagree.


    He basically ended up going from 7:30pm to 11:30am the next day with nothing but 2 post-surgery popsicles. Yet still – the nurses bragged about him and how he handled sedation and everything else like a pro. They all basically fell in love with him and demanded I let him go live with them. All I kept thinking about was how he punched me in the crotch recently and called me, “OLD LADY!”


    He has to stay “inactive” and “sleep upright” which are two very difficult things to force on a 5-year old. The eye shield is only being worn at night to prevent him from scratching it in his sleep as it begins to heel.

    All in all? Successful outing. However, it has worn heavy on my mental state. I’ve already been super-anxious lately and feeling super-inadequate like I’m screwing up everything in my life. I’m just a huge mess. So…seeing that SyFy’s Sharknado was coming on last night gave me EXACTLY the silly distraction I needed. Seriously. It pulled me out of my anxiety and depression thanks to a sky-high cheese factor and the AWESOMENESS that was my twitter feed going on at the time. Here are some of the gems I retweeted because they were so funny.

    Seriously. Two hours of refuge from my own mental instability thanks to SyFy original movies and one killer Twitter feed. It was the perfect ending to a stressful day.

    If only Sharknado could last forever…