Me and My Yard.



I mean – truly – ABHOR it. I think mowing the grass is a fine thing to do, and I believe it should be mowed with reasonable regularity and I don’t mind that basic expectation from me of my neighborhood.

But the rest of the crap? Weeding…edging…raking…planting…that is FOR THE BIRDS.

My Dad used to get openly irritated and societal expectations of domestic existence. He didn’t understand why I cleaned my house. His house was never unsanitary or dangerous…but he didn’t dust or mop. He never worried about windows or baseboards. (We didn’t have baseboards.) He thought it was all a rather ridiculous endeavor and couldn’t understand how I developed those habits when I grew up in his home.

He mowed the grass. That was it. Never raked. Never planted. Never weeded. We had no flower beds or anything to tend to other than the length of the grass on a hella hill.

Actually, my Dad didn’t even worry about flooring or the exterior of the house. He put a new roof on when he had to but otherwise the house was basically the same ingredients 30 years after he bought it. He just always felt like he’d rather be doing 100 million things, and spending his money on a 100 million things, before anything relating to the cosmetics of the house or the yard.

And in some ways? I totally agree.

Donnie says if we had the extra money we’d pay someone to do it. But we’d have to have a LOT of extra money because just enough to pay for lawn/yard care? I’d rather spend that on more regular date nights. Or a new bike. There are about 10 things ABOVE lawn care on my list I’d rather spend money on. So, we’d have to have a big jump in income before I’d even want to take that route.

But I get it. No one understands my love of printing/framing/hanging photos. People always look at my walls and say, “I just don’t ever get around to doing that.” I’m the same way with yard work. I appreciate the results. I have friends and family who have GORGEOUS yards and I often want to just enjoy them and take pictures and I totally appreciate the result. But not enough to put forth the effort. But with my photos? I love deciding what to print, what to frame, where to hang it…etc. So…I understand why people put that effort into their yards…I’m just not one of them.

ALL OF THAT SAID…That flower in the picture is growing in my flower bed. Actually, I should say “flower bed” because it is the only flower in there. That and a bunch of weeds. Which I might remove this week since it’s our turn to host family dinner. BUT I MIGHT NOT. I’m not sure how I feel about it.

That flower blooms every summer and I do nothing to make it happen. Please tell me, what is it and can I plant more with minimal effort? I like the idea of doing NOTHING and then BAM! something like this pops up.