The One Where I Bad-Mouth A Four-Year Old

b_001first5KI survived my 5K yesterday! I even finished under 40 minutes which was my hope but since I had been training on a treadmill in the air-conditioning, I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to run the whole thing. But I did! I ran the whole thing! I will say that I experienced a first with this race, the walker/sprinter. There were a few people right around my pace who would walk for a distance and I would pass them. Then they would sprint and pass me. And so on…and so forth. As the person who is running straight it gets very depressing to get passed by the same person several times.

Especially when they’re four.

Seriously! There was a Dad and his four-year old daughter doing the sprint/walk thing right around me for the entire race. I’ve learned to not focus on the people passing me. I would make myself crazy thinking about the people more overweight than I am, or older, or carrying inhalers. Some people are faster. Period. I just learned to not think about it. But a four-year old? Passing me FIVE TIMES? Bah. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t trying to pass her when I sprinted to the finish line. Unfortunately, she was sprinting too and she left me eating her dust. Damn kids.

Here are other pics from the weekend that don’t involve me cursing out pre-schoolers.