Still Bullet Journaling!


I haven’t written about bullet journaling in awhile, but I’m still at it 100%. I just haven’t changed a whole lot from my method or system so there’s not been much to chat about. I am about to do a new type of project that will involve my bullet journal, so I found myself taking pictures of it and thought I’d give a small update. I’m about 2/3 of the way through Volume VI and I have yet to have the thought, Eh…maybe this isn’t for me. It’s still the perfect method of organizing my life and my memories and my appointments and I wouldn’t do it any other way!

I have settled on tabbing my monthly pages at the top and my other often-referenced pages on the side. I’m not sure if I had committed to that on this blog yet, but I’m doing it now! Monthly tabs ONLY ON THE TOP. It’s REVOLUTIONARY.



I’m also still using my Rickshaw folio cover. I got a new one thanks to a co-worker at Christmas, and I like this cover better. The lighter color of the last one showed way too much of the filth that gets picked up in my purse every day.



I love it dearly and love, love, LOVE when people ask me about it in person. I love showing off my zendoodles and the artwork I’ve preserved of the kid’s in there. I love showing random lists (HOUSE, BLOGGING, GIFTS) and how wonderful it is to have those to reference regularly. And most importantly? I love that there are so many times that I find it so useful…LIKE WITH THE PROJECT I’LL BE DISCUSSING TOMORROW.

That’s a teaser, I did right there. A blogging teaser. I’m cool like that.