So many thoughts. So little time.

If you made a list if A) Most fun weekends and B) Most exhausting weekends of my life – this past one would top BOTH lists…probably forever.

From the time I woke up Friday morning at 3:30am to the time I fell asleep last night about 10pm (about 67 hours) I spent 2.5 hours working, 14 hours running, 4 hours at the races NOT running, 10 hours at an art festival, 6 hours at social gatherings, and about 20 hours asleep. The rest of the 10 hours were divided sparsely between Friday, Saturday and Sunday trying my best to maintain things like the house by cleaning and my body by showering. I am exhausted.

But it was great. I have a lot to say about the race and the weekend and the awesomeness in my life but right now I have about 30 seconds before I have to wake up the kids for school and leave for work so what you get instead is one picture from Day 03 that my friend Chelsea took of me taking advantage of an ice cold stream to invigorate my tired legs. 10950688_10153748031763496_6806061783534837729_n