Send Beer.

Things going on in my life right now keeping me from posting a respectable blog entry:

  • Spending my last weekend with Cisco. And deciding today would be a good time to watch Ghost Whisperer, which made me cry my eyes out while hold Cisco.
  • Sweetie and her never-ending need to poop on my carpets.
  • My son and his 103 degree fever for going more than 24 hours now. Which is not fun. In case you were wondering.
  • My lack of sleep due to the above items which is making me highly emotional on top of being emotional because of those three items. (Does that make sense?) Let’s just say – I’m overly emotional. Crying at the drop of a hat would be an extreme understatement.

So, please excuse me for not wanting to write much write now. I’m a little blue.


  • Clancy

    Oh no…I am so sorry. Now I’m wondering if I should take Henry’s temperature. I never take his temp, so he might have a fever and I’d never know it. I hope you can get some sleep tonight. Have you considered taking any Tylenol PM or something similar? Those are definitely my mommy’s little helpers, but then again, they were my helpers before I became a mommy, too.

  • Cortney

    I’m so sorry, Zoot. 🙁

    Losing and animal is hard, I just lost one two months ago…and dealing with a sick baby on top is too much. You really do deserve lots of beer…and chocolate! Hang in there…

  • Sandy

    Been there, done that with a pet. It is rough-sorry you all are going through this now.

    Is this something Sweetie does all the time? Maybe she senses how bad Cisco is and is upset.

    Hope you all are not having round two of strep throat 2008!

  • stacey

    I hope things get better for you, I really do. I have thought of you several times this weekend what with things going on with Cisco. Then to deal with a sick child? You need more than beer.

  • Amber

    Poor zoot. If I were closer, I’d totally bring you a six-pack of whatever beer you want and give you a big hug. Hope this (((hug))) helps just a little.

    You’ll make it through, girl. Take care of yourself.

  • Ingrid

    oh wishing you a lot of love from Australia! Am so sad for you about your puppy, you have totally inspired me with your stories & I am now madly googling Boston Terriers here in Oz in the hope I can find myself a wee little girl dog. Get lots of cuddles in, and your blog means you will have so many lovely memories of your baby dog x ps hope the kidlets get better soon

  • Hannah

    I agree with Amber if I was closer I’d be round with Kleenex, alcohol of some description, hugs and chocolate cake – four things that make life seem a little better!

  • Maria


    I guess the bright side is that at least it isn’t the kids pooping on the carpet.

    Hang in there.

  • jessica

    Hugs. that’s all I got. If I lived closer I’d totaly be at your door with beer and brownies. and then your family would be all “Dude – Zoot – some crazy innernet chick is at our door?” and then I’d be all “BEER! Brownies!” and they’d be like “Seriously, Zoot – KRAZEE! AT. OUR. DOOR!” 🙂

    I hope it gets better soon

  • BJaxon

    Best of wishes to you & the family in this troubling time. You’ll all be fine; it’s just going to take a bit.

  • Heather

    I am so sorry you’re having such a crap time right now! I really hope things get better soon, and I cried while watching the latest Ghost Whisperer too… so don’t feel bad.