Rickshaw Bags Bullet Journal Folio Review

If you’re new to my life with Bullet Journals, read the first manifesto here and my addendum/change in technique here. Also – I have updated/prettier PDFs available for October/November/December here if you need calendar pages for your bullet journal.


My Rickshaw Bags folio came in for my bullet journal! I designed it myself – so don’t disregard it if you think it’s the ugliest thing on the planet. There are about a million different color combinations and several fabric types to choose from if you hate mine!

Screen shot 2014-09-17 at 4.11.15 AM

Long story short? I love it. I want 10 more of them. But since that’s silly I want to buy a bag from this company now. I just can’t decide which one I want. LOVE! TRUE LOVE!

Now…on to the details and the few minor complaints.

I will admit, I think my Fossil Kindle cover is prettier and sturdier as it’s that plastic covered canvas that Fossil makes a lot of their Keyper bags out of. Also, that cover is designed to protect a Kindle, not as much is needed to protect a Moleskin journal, no matter how priceless I think it is.


BUT! I still think my Rickshaw Folio is pretty and sturdy! I’m just giving a thorough review here, people. Because I take my Bullet Journals very seriously. Compared to the cover I was using before? Not as pretty. Not as sturdy. But plenty pretty and sturdy to become the permanent home for my bullet journal.

Now the inside, on the other hand, is SO AWESOME and SOOOO MUCH BETTER!


Inside the front cover there’s a pocket for an ID if you need it – which I doubt I will because I carry my bullet journal in my purse with my wallet. BUT! There’s also a spot for your phone and 1 or 2 pens which is genius because sometimes I do carry my bullet journal to ball games or swim practices without my purse! Rickshaw makes another Folio without the smartphone pocket, but I chose this one just for the portability reason.

There’s also a zipper pouch where I put my stamps, but if you were carrying this as your ENTIRE “thing” (as opposed to inside a bigger thing, like a purse) I would expect you to be able to put money in that pouch. I’m glad it’s there because there are the rare times I’d like to carry my bullet journal but not my purse, but it’s not something I sought out.


On the back cover there’s a clear pouch where I’m putting my stickers. NOW – full disclosure. While some of the stickers are what I use in my bullet journal (like the owls) – most of the stickers are now things I carry to give small children at soccer practice. Since I had my owl/bullet journal stickers with me all the time, I became the sticker lady and kids came to me for stickers. So…I bought some Frozen and Avengers stickers to give the kids now. Because I don’t want to share my bullet journal stickers, evidently.

The Very Minor Cons

Can’t Use Moleskin Pocket – Because of how you slide the Moleskine into the folio, back cover in, you lose the easy access to the pocket that Moleskine puts on the back cover. Now…do I really think that’s going to be a problem since the folio has plenty of storage in it? No. But I wish there was a way to have used it the other way just to not make that pocket useless.

However, I’ve decided that I’ll put things in that pocket that I want to keep with the bullet journal forever. So I can take the journal out and put that stuff in if I want, and won’t really need access to it again. NO BIG DEAL!

Just Barely Big Enough (Or possibly NOT big enough) for a Full Journal With Tabs + Smartphone + Pens – I put a LOT of crap in my Moleskine. I use it partly as a scrapbook to document my life as much as I use it to create order in my life. So, when it gets close to being full, like my current Moleskin is now, it’s VERY FULL. I put my current (almost full) Moleskin in with the phone and the pens and could barely zip it. It’s not as wide as my Fossil one so the tabs are already a bit of a squeeze. I may try to limit the tabs to top/bottom where there’s plenty of room. Also, as it gets full, I’ll be less and less able to put pens and a phone in the pouch and still get it closed.

However, since I rarely carry my bullet journal alone – this is not really going to be a problem. There’s only a few times a month, if that many, where I want to carry my bullet journal but NOT my purse. And those times it’s usually because I’m carrying a backpack so I’m putting my purse stuff into my backpack, so I’d still be fine.

BUT: If you want to often carry this as the ONLY thing you carry, then keep in mind that it will get cramped towards the end of the Moleskin. If you don’t add a lot of stuff to yours, it may not be a huge problem, because I put my new Moleskine in and it zipped fine. Just wanted to let you know that because some people fill theirs up even more than I do. (Google image search for “moleskin + full”) So! If you’re one of those people, just wanted to issue that one warning.

All in all? I’m beyond thrilled. I love a product that I can put in the “Ethical Purchase” category because I know it wasn’t produced in a factory with poor working conditions. I hope they start doing patterned fabric for the folios someday! I’d love to get one as funky as the Fossil Kindle cover I was using.

Now to decide when I can purchase a bag


  • WendyB

    Your review of this made me so happy because after your post about the company I immediately went and designed and ordered one! When I saw today was a review post I was hoping you loved it as much as you were hoping you would! I’m not a super-keeper of other things in my journal so looks like I’ll have plenty o’ space. Agreed on the funky prints request!

    My snazzy folio is now on a FedEx plane over Iowa and I can’t wait for it!

    I currently use a Moleskine for my life bullet journal and then a wider spiral notebook for my work bullet journal. Thanks again for the intro to bullet journaling, it has definitely made me much more organized. I am currently struggling with my work journal on having too many tasks to have to move to the next day or week. I think I need to break it into a get it done eventually and a get it done today categories/pages.

    have a great day…and I’m sure a bag is in my future too…