Quick – Call me and Save me.

Okay – as we speak, MrZ is downstairs drinking his protein shake before we go to the gym. Thats right – WE. I think I might not want to go anymore. I promised I’d work out with him to “spend more time together” but I am scared. He’s drinking a protein shake for chrissakes, he takes this stuff REALLY seriously. I dont think he’s going to let me be cute and charming at the gym. I think I may have “signed a check my body can’t cash”. HURRY! Someone need a ride? Stranded? Starving? Abducted by Aliens? Dealing with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder after last nights Survivor? Anything? AAAHHH. I’m so going to regret this – I can totally feel it. You all are NO help. Where is a blogfriend when you need one.

I think I’m getting a headache…and a fever…and a rash.


  • avrialeden

    You may need the work out if you had Mother’s Day ribs!!!! It’s ok. good in shape Zoot! I’ve started working out again because I so need to. If I can then you can!! YEAH FOR YOU!

  • Lee

    Simple solution #2174:

    Take some Split pea soup with you in your bag, excuse yourself to the restroom, complaining of cramps. Fill your mouth with the split pea soup. Go back to working out, and Harf the soup on him. Aww Darn, yer sick and ya can’t work out!

  • Shiz

    No. Work out on a machine and take it super-easy. Don’t try to keep up with him, he’s too, as they say, “hard core”.

  • Mindy

    Um, you won’t like my solution. The last time I had any kind of regular fitness routine was in 1997, and it ended the minute being pregnant kept me from staying awake through a class…

    Let’s see, carry the one… that’s 7 years, four pregnancies, and three children later.

    And you know what? I look almost the same without all that hoohaw. Go figure.

  • tani

    just be thankful that he’s not crazy like me and he’s not making you get up at 5am to go! roflmao!

  • J

    I’m sorry I didn’t get a chance to read this before you went to the gym. I’m sure I could have come up with some excuse for you. I need your shoulder to cry on my pony died, my other personality won’t leave me alone, my toe is talking to me while I’m giving it a pedicure…ya know…LOL Well, maybe you were better off at the gym. LOL Luv ya!