Pardon The Mess


Part 1 – The redesign of my website.

Please don’t tell me you hate it. Okay? I know you hate it. Everyone always hates a redesign. It’s just the given nature of managing content on the internet.

(Sidenote: I don’t always hate a redesign. I do – however – HATE the new flickr dashboard. Simply because now I can’t find anything. It looks great for people who are real photographers managing their beautiful portfolios. But if you use flickr like a photo storage center like I do? It now is IMPOSSIBLE to navigate. BLARGH.)

I have had the same design here for several years and it never really served the purpose I had originally wanted it to serve. I wanted it to motivate me to write about various topics – hence the different category features at the bottom. BUT I NEVER DID THAT. So, those little spots stayed the same ALWAYS. Defeating the whole purpose of the design.

So, I decided to implement something a little sleeker. A little cleaner. A little simpler.

It will take me a week or so to work out the kinks. Be patient with me. If anything isn’t working how you expect please let me know. If you hate it? Please don’t let me know.

Part 2: The redesign of my career.

I’m doing tons of design and development with WordPress lately and it’s making me want to play around with some newer elements on the platform and with some newer plugins. This new design will allow me to do that. I love my new job and I really feel like it’s expanding my knowledge more than my last 5 years of web work. This means that I’m a lot happier about my professional life than I ever was before. It’s amazing how being satisfied professionally changes so many aspects of your life. Seriously. If I could do this full-time I’d be completely happy. I’m hoping to be able to someday, but for right now I’ll just enjoy the hours this new opportunity gives me.

Unfortunately for you, that means I may periodically tinker with things around here and you may often hate that. I’m apologizing in advance.

Part 3: The redesign of my home office.

The WiFi was only working in half of our house (long story) and my laptop died a sad death (even longer story) so I ended up “temporarily” moving my desktop setup to our sitting room which hasn’t had furniture in it for awhile because we moved it all upstairs in the main den for our last party.

Y’all? I LOVE WORKING IN THIS ROOM. My old office doesn’t have windows and it’s shut off from the rest of the house. This seems ideal in theory, but now that I’m working out in the main area? This is SO MUCH BETTER. I can pay attention to the kids and the dog easier, I can see the outdoors, and I have tons of space whereas my office is about an 8×8 room. So, while this was supposed to be temporary? It is totally not. I love working in this room. And while I think Donnie may hate having an office out in the main spot of our home? For now? He’s sucking it up because it’s making me much more productive. And also? I get to enjoy all of the Zoot Decor I put in this room in the first place. It’s totally my space now and I’m loving it.


    • zoot

      HA! I saw this comment and was like, “Weird. Is there an aqua table on the side of the design I didn’t notice?” I pulled up my website and saw nothing. I panicked wondering if some browsers were showing a side table I didn’t put on there, but then decided not to panic yet since you said you liked it.

      Then I realized you meant the piece of FURNITURE. I’m dumb.

  • Monica

    I love that little aqua side table, too. And I’m glad you love your job! That always makes such a big difference in life. I love my job, too. I am an editor, and I work from home, and I love, love, love it. My only problem is my job only lasts for the first half of the year. I just started doing this type of work last year, and I have no idea how to find more editing jobs. I enjoy it, and working from home is perfect for me. I just need to find more work!

    I don’t think folks will hate this design. We just have to get used to the newness. Change is hard for some people!

  • Amy

    Good to know I am not the ONLY one who hates the flickr redesign…HATE it. The only good thing I found about it? That the stats are easier to find…otherwise it blows.

    Your redesign does not blow- it is nice and streamline and I like the colors 🙂

  • junkie

    hey girlie,

    you said to let you know if something isn’t working as expected, soooooo … i always click on “if you prefer the standard blog layout, click here…”, but now it just takes me to a blank page with the title only.

    other than that…awesome! 🙂


    • Katherine

      I like it too ( the redesign and the aqua table ) but I hope there will be an option for the standard blog layout.

      • zoot

        Katherine – Part of the “simplifying” I was trying to do was make the front page back to the standard blog layout. Which it is now, but it just shows “excerpts” instead of the entire entry. But other than that – it’s the same, that way someone can scroll down faster to find the entry they haven’t read and click and read from there. So, basically the main page is the standard blog layout, just shortened for less scrolling. Does that make sense? Is that irritating that it’s only “excerpts” now? Or is there a different element of the old version of the “standard layout” that I forgot to include?

        • Katherine

          Ack! I dunno! 🙂 A few blogs that I read have changed to this kind of page recently. The first few visits seem “strange” – like I’m in the wrong house. But your “voice” is still here – that’s all that matters. I enjoy reading your words.

          And now I feel kinda creepy weird! 😉

          ( Congratulations to E! It is so hard to let them go, though. I’ve got two more to go ( three have flown the coop already. Sigh)

    • zoot

      Hey B –
      Part of the “simplifying” I was trying to do was make the front page back to the standard blog layout. Which it is now, so you shouldn’t have to click anywhere! (I need to remove that link) What is it that feels different, is it that it’s only “excerpts” now? Or is there a different element of the old version of the “standard layout” that I forgot to include?

  • Courtney Tucker

    I just ventured out of The Old Reader to check out the new design and I’ve got to say I love it. Looks really good and I adore your new running story page. You never cease to amaze me with your running adventures.