• Something About MY Coffee at MY House…

    This is my first morning waking up in my own house with my own coffee in three days and finally I feel like all is right with the world.

    I would not really say, “I love coffee” in any situation because – as a general flavor or indulgence – I don’t really like it. In terms of home-brewed coffee I really only like MY coffee from MY pot with MY creamer/almond milk/sweetener. If you take one piece out of the puzzle, it doesn’t ever seem to work. I’ve brought my own creamer/sweetener/etc places before – on vacations etc – and it still doesn’t taste right because it’s done in someone else’s pot. I drank a cup of black coffee this weekend because I had the headache from hell and I was hoping it would help, but that might have been the only cup of black coffee I’ve ever had in my WHOLE LIFE.

    I don’t even like Starbucks. HOWEVER – I do have ONE drink I really like and I indulge on once in awhile but it’s a $5 drink so it really is a treat/reward. I get the vanilla soy lattes and it’s REALLY good. But it’s a lot like my coffee – where the “coffee” flavor is just the hint behind something else. At home I use Hazelnut grounds and vanilla flavored powder.

    But man – even as a not “real” coffee drinker – I’m still totally addicted. When we were gone for an extended weekend 2 years ago I actually brought my Keurig and stuff with me. It’s a one-person machine so it fits in one of my re-usable grocery bags so I brought it and plugged it in, in our room. I TAKE IT THAT SERIOUSLY.

    Anyone else? Just me?