• Making Goodreads Remember The Stuff I Can’t

    Screen shot 2014-06-24 at 6.04.44 AM I love Goodreads for one HUGE reason – it allows me to keep track of books I want to read. I also rate books I’ve read, sometimes I’ll write a half-assed review if I feel inspired, but mainly I love it as a way to easily add books to a “shelf” that I want to read so that when I go to the library, I can try to find books on that shelf if there’s nothing else I’m wanting to read.

    HOWEVER, the downside of this is that the shelf gets HUGE and I forget why I put certain books on the shelf. Did someone recommend it to me? Did I see it on a list somewhere? Did the author get interviewed on The Daily Show? (I get a lot of book recommendations that way!) Did John or Hank Green recommend it? Why is this book on my To Read shelf? I was rolling through that shelf on my phone last night at the library and half of the books I could not remember why they were on the shelf AT ALL. And this kinda makes me not want to read them, honestly. If I can’t even remember why I put them on there!

    So, this morning I cleaned off the shelf and removed books if I couldn’t immediately remember why I wanted to read them. Then I pulled up an article I found yesterday about 5 award winning books you should read and started adding those to my To Read shelf. BUT! In order to avoid the problem I had before, I decided to add a “review” to them and see if that helps in the long run with reminding me why they’re on the shelf to begin with. This is what I put in the “review” box for each of the books I added:

    (Note to remind me why I put this on my “To Read” shelf – read about it in this article on Huff Po.)

    Hopefully that won’t irritate anyone actually looking for a review, and hopefully it will be a quick/easy way to remind me why it’s on my To Read list to begin with. Sometimes I actually am looking for an “Award Winning Book” – usually after I read a “Will Never Win Awards For Anything” book, just to balance things out. So, if linking to that article will help me remember why I added it, maybe I’ll be more likely to read them in the future?

    Although my small branch library had NO copies last night. Not even checked out, they were all checked out at the main branch of the library. So! If I want to really read them I’ll need to put them on hold at my library so the main branch will deliver it…alas, I went through that effort for nothing!

    But still…I’m hoping this will help in the future because that To Read shelf gets OUT OF CONTROL.

    What about you? Do you use Goodreads? Do you use it for the To Read functionality? How do you remember why you wanted to read a book?