• Reclaiming Pinterest.

    Remember when you first discovered Pinterest? And you followed friends and people who looked interesting and who had interesting ideas? And then you pinned all of these great ideas and projects and inspirations and you loved looking at it every day? And you could spend HOURS scrolling through all of the pins? Remember how lovely that was?

    Well. Those days are long gone.

    Back when I started using Pinterest, you followed PEOPLE. And the more people you followed, the more pins you saw! So why discriminate? FOLLOW EVERYONE!

    But now, the problem is, my dashboard has become something I hate. HATE. HATE. HATE.

    A Constant Reminder Of Awesome Things I Do Not (And Will Never) Do


    Basically what happens whenever I log into Pinterest to search for something (because it is STILL a great resource), is I look at my dashboard, I want to punch myself in the throat, and then I click away AS QUICK AS POSSIBLE and just search for the thing I’m looking for and then MOVE ON.

    Because my dashboard is now filled with things that just make me hate myself.

    • Makeup shots that remind me that I don’t know shit about makeup.
    • Wedding ideas that make me wonder how expensive weddings have gotten in the last decade.
    • Kid’s birthday party themes that make me set aside money for the therapy my kids will need one day because they only got birthday parties – and non-themed ones at that – every few years.
    • Fashion/Outfit layouts that make me feel inadequate in my blue jeans and stained t-shirt.
    • Photos of home interiors that make me want to cancel upcoming events at my house for fear that my home is not presentable.
    • Lesson plans for teaching, reminding me I’d be an awful homeschool parent.
    • Beautiful knitting/quilting/crocheting patterns that I’ll never do because I don’t know how to do any of those things.

    It’s Amazing What A Difference An ‘Unfollow’ Makes

    But you know what? I still love Pinterest in theory, it just wasn’t being executed well in my life. Now the trend is that Pinterest encourages you to follow boards and not people. SO! I decided to start being proactive and getting the stuff that didn’t inspire me, off my dashboard. I started unfollowing boards. NOT PEOPLE, boards.

    So, when I saw 13 million pins about wedding invitations, I simply unfollowed the wedding board of that user. I also unfollowed style boards and makeup boards. I unfollowed homeschooling boards and birthday party idea boards. It really only took a few days! I logged in once in the morning and just unfollowed the boards that ruined my feed – I usually only spent about 10 minutes on that task. After 4 or 5 days I noticed a HUGE difference. And I unfollowed without my thought. Yes. Maybe someday I’ll throw a themed birthday party for my kid, but that day is NOT today: UNFOLLOW. If I ever decide to do that? Then I’ll search for those boards again. But today those pins make me hate myself, so today? UNFOLLOW. And now? I only have to unfollow boards every few days! And usually there are only a few pins from that board messing up my feed. Now? I can open up Pinterest and ENJOY IT.


    Building It Back Up

    I spent about an hour yesterday adding some boards back into the mix. Some organizational boards and some running boards. I’ll probably do that periodically. I’m also going to be better about following boards when I search for pins. Why not? Following boards that are overall helpful is a GOOD THING. I was looking for free fonts the other day and thought, “Well, duh, follow the font board that has this pin!” And now? Random font pins will show up on my dashboard. WIN!

    But also? You must STILL follow people. Not JUST boards. Because by following people? You see pins you never knew you needed in your life.


    I would have never sought out an “ART” board to follow, but because I follow users, I was greeted with these lovely pins on my dashboard this morning. And will I buy that art? No. But it inspires me, which is one of the best things about Pinterest. It gives you inspiration. Which is why I wanted to clean up my dashboard because it was giving me self-loathing, not inspiring me.

    And now that I’m allowing myself to use Pinterest for inspiration and joy? I’m loving it more. I fell down an “OWL” wormhole the other day, just looking at cute owl stuff on Pinterest and thought: WAIT! I’ll make an Owl Board! and I did JUST THAT. Cute Owl stuff I find I now pin for future inspiration. I (heart) Owls.

    I’m just excited to finally have one of my favorite tools back in my life. I no longer want to punch myself in the face when I open up Pinterest. Now, it makes me smile.

    SO! Give me your user name and I’ll follow you. And if you have boards that maybe make me hate myself? (See: NAIL ART) I’ll unfollow that board, but I’ll still follow you! Because YOU will still sometimes pin things that I love, just not to the nail art board.

    Quick note about yesterday’s entry. I’ve decided I’m calling it #transforMAYtion! Do you get it? ISN’T IT AWESOME???