• Dear Santa: A Bullet Journal Wishlist

    I sat STRAIGHT up in bed at 2am this morning (last night?) and thought CRAP. Why didn’t I write a Gift Guide for the Bullet Journaler? And it’s a little late now to do a full-blown gift guide, but I couldn’t let the idea just fade into the hall of TOO LATE IDEAS forever. So, I’m at least doing my own personal wish list because it requires less research (I already know what I like!) and it doesn’t matter about being too late to order a lot of this stuff because I’m the one why buys my bullet journal supplies and there is NO DEADLINE EVER! (I stock up when it’s on sale. I have 2 moleskines and an un-open pack of pens and fabric tabs on my bookshelf right now.)

    The Moleskine


    It’s no secret that I love the Moleskine itself. I’m banking on them never going out of business so that when I die in 50 years (I already have it marked on the calendar) my bullet journal archives will all line up neatly on a bookshelf. I get the standard 8 1/2 x 5 size and I prefer the hard cover…BUT…I just switched to the “dotted” pages and they don’t make those in hard cover yet! DAMMIT. So, I’m torn between choosing a hard cover lined or a soft cover dotted and I really think I’ll stick with the dotted pages. They give me a basic grid for my list and note pages, but they don’t interfere with my doodle pages.


    Speaking of the doodle pages…

    The Pens


    These are my FAVORITE pens of ALL TIME: Pentel EnerGel Retractable Metal Tip 0.7mm. (I do NOT LIKE the Needle Tip. They scratch the paper too much!) They are a little slow to dry – but that is my only complaint. They don’t bleed through too bad since moleskine paper is high quality (except for on the doodle pages, I don’t even know of 100lb card stock would hold up on those pages) and they come in a variety of colors. At least at Target. Staples only has the boring color packs: Blue, Red, Green and Black. But Target has the AWESOME color packs with Aqua and Pink and Orange!

    Stickers and Washi Tape

    If you think about fine art, it really serves no “purpose” other than to elicit feelings to the observer. When purchasing art, you are purchasing those feelings. You want to trigger those feelings when you look at the art so you buy it and put it where you can see it.

    This is how I feel about puffy owl stickers and washi tape.

    While I do sometimes use the washi tape to hold things in my bullet journal, in reality it is there for the same reasons the stickers are there. THEY ARE PRETTY.



    I just like adding those details to my pages. Especially pages I’m going to refer to often because it’s like walking down the hall and seeing that painting you purchased at your local art market: It makes you SMILE. And I like that. I will tell you I ordered this set after my friend sent me the link on Twitter and it will have mine AND Nikki’s names on it. Nordstrom had a set too but I waited too late to make sure it would arrive on time. MY BIRTHDAY IS IN JULY, FAMILY. I TURN 40…THAT IS THE PERFECT GIFT FOR A 40-YEAR OLD.

    Fabric Tabs


    When I first started bullet journaling, Target sold these tabs in the scrapbook aisle. I bought them, I liked them, and then…OF COURSE..they stopped selling them. I used paper varieties for awhile but they just didn’t hold up to the beating I put my bullet journal through by carrying it EVERYWHERE I GO. I finally looked online and bought SEVERAL sets, and hopefully they’ll last me awhile. I’ll be honest – there’s a part of me that wants to buy ALL OF THEM FROM ALL OF THE WEBSITES. Because I’m kinda terrified they’re going to be discontinued. But…I’m trying to resist the urge. I have some backups for when the ones in my current stash run out, and I’m just keeping an eye on them. If they show up “out of stock” somewhere I may panic, but for now? I’m choosing to not act like these things are precious minerals.

    The Folio


    I bought the Rickshaw Folio awhile back and reviewed it here. It doesn’t look like they sell the EXACT one I bought (which had a pocket for a smart phone) anymore – which is sad. But still – I highly recommend it. It’s a small business, made in happy “factory” in San Francisco. The type of business you WANT to support with your dollars. My only complaint is that I wish that I hadn’t chosen such a light color. It’s already FILTHY and I’m feeling pretty gross about it. I did choose the “waterproof” fabric so I’m guessing I could clean it pretty easily, I’m just too lazy to try.

    What I’m Missing

    The one thing I’m still in the market for regarding my bullet journal is a NEW PURSE. I have been carrying crossbody Fossil Key-Per bags for YEARS. I love them because they are fun patterns and they come in the coated fabric that I feel like holds up to my abuse relatively well. My current one is 3+ years old and is looking ROUGH. Parts of it are fraying and there are huge ink spots where pens have been left open. The problem with replacing it is two-fold. One? I’m not a fan of the current collection of the patterned Key-Per Crossbody. I’ve actually been watching that collection for over a year and every time they add/release new ones I just am not inspired. And if I’m going to pay $80 for a purse? I want to LOVE IT WITH ALL OF MY SOUL.

    But the other problem is that my current purse is just a TAD too small for my bullet journal/folio and supplies. I don’t carry much in my purse. I have a small wallet. A small medicine pouch. But then there’s my folio/bullet journal AND my pen pouch which has all of my bullet journal supplies. I really can’t carry ALL of that at once. I have to leave the medicine pouch OR the pen pouch behind and THAT STRESSES ME OUT. So…without being 100% in love with the pattern, I’m definitely not going to get the same bag since it’s a hair too small.

    OH MY GOD. REAL TIME BLOGGING PEOPLE. SO! I was just going to link to a KAVU bag I was considering. They’re big enough, they come in fun patterns, but they’re not that coated plastic which worries me. But..THEN…I found one one sale for $23 and I just had to buy it. HA! It’s not the PERFECT pattern and it’s not coated plastic but for that price? It’s worth a try! HA! I’ll report back later and let you know what I thought.

    Any thing on your bullet journal wish list this year?