• Be My Tour Guide!



    So, if you’re new here let me tell you something: We don’t vacation. The last “vacation” we took – meaning a week gone elsewhere – was in 2009. We take long weekends here and there, usually surrounding races and rarely with all 5 of us, but we never take full-week type beach vacations. The main reason for this is because we spend so much money on racing and the training/gear that goes into that. If you’ll recall, we spent $1600 on race fees ALONE last year. That’s not including gear or travel expenses or coaching. AND – that was a light year. This year we have an Ironman which is about $700 just to register, not to mention the lodging and travel and coaching and gear that goes into training and prepping and participating in the Ironman.

    Imagine what you spend on your annual family vacation? And we spend that on racing.

    And we’re okay with that!

    BUT! We do miss vacations. So, Donnie decided if we planned ahead and maybe went ahead and allocated some savings, we could take a vacation next year. And guess where he said we should go? THE WIZARDING WORLD OF HARRY POTTER!

    Now! We went to Disney in 2010 with Team in Training, but WWoHP was not open yet. We could see Hogwarts off the highway, but that was it. And we were only there for 5 days (and one day was racing) so even if WWoHP had been open, we probably wouldn’t have had time to go.

    But next year – the week of July 14th to be precise – we will be going. We have already decided we’re probably not going to try to do Disney AND Universal Studios in one trip. We think that would be too much. (Unless you convince us otherwise.) But we need help! We do not do this and MAN there is tons of information available online. We think we want to stay on site, even if it’s more, because we want to take advantage of the early/late hours. We’d like to stay somewhere with a pool (they probably all have pools) so that we can take some “decompress days”. But really, we’re open to suggestions. We want to save money, but we also want to take advantage of some of the “package” deals that often cost the most money. This is going to be my 40th birthday extravaganza, so this is not the trip we’re wanting to scrimp on. I want to do any of the “Breakfast at 3 Broomsticks” or whatever else they offer. But we don’t want to just throw money at stupid stuff.

    We also need to know what NON-Harry Potter stuff we should do.

    So! Give me your tips! What did you love! What should we not waste money on? Where did you stay? Did it have a pool? How do the park tickets work. Can we get like – a 3 days pass – but use it non-consecutively? We’d like to go to the park one day, and then take one day decompressing at the hotel. Then go to the park again the next day. Donnie and I like different things about parks, but neither of us love them. Crowds make us crazy after awhile (hence they early/late hour necessity) so we’d like to go every other day. Have you ever done Disney and Universal in one trip? Is there a way to do it that won’t make you A) Crazy or B) Homeless?

    GIVE US YOUR TRAVEL TIPS? And start the countdown. I’m going to turn 40 in the most amazing way imaginable!