• Washi Tape Makes Everything Better

    Some days my bullet journal is filled with roughly scribbled notes piled on to the day before with arrows and lines and illegible addendums because I haven’t taken the time to go through the prior day’s notes and just barely making time to sort out the current day’s tasks.

    But then…other days…I take time in the morning to create the Page For The Day. I go through the previous days to see what I didn’t actually complete and add it to the current day. Then I make sure I have everything from the current day listed as referenced from my monthly calendar, or maybe a soccer schedule, or a library volunteer page. I organize between LIFE and WORK if there’s a lot for both. I decorate the day with Washi tape and use colored inks.

    These days always go SO MUCH BETTER because just LOOKING at the page makes me happy. I see the pretty colors and the tape and I want to keep it open all day so it therefore stays in my line of sight so I’m less likely to neglect things on the list.

    This is the part of the bullet journal process that stimulates my creative side. I’m not an artist. But I like making pretty things. And every day is a blank page to make pretty. I can’t do this with a pre-printed daily planner but with a Moleskine? I can do whatever I want/need to make my day pretty. No matter how many things I’m trying to cram into it.