• Goodreads

    So I am going to make my 100 books in 2018 goal, I think. I’m 8 (7?) books away and I’m deliberately choosing mostly easy-to-read books so I have plenty of time to finish them before the year ends. I was writing a quick review on Facebook of the last book I read simply because it turned out to be way better than I expected, and I though I really should be documenting all of this on Goodreads.

    According to my profile, I started my account in 2011 and I know since then I’ve tried – maybe3-5 times – to REALLY get into using that website. But, here’s the thing, every time I think I’m going to put some books I’ve read on this thing  – I get frustrated that I can’t put ALL of the books I’ve read on there. Like…every time I log in I see the number of books on my shelves or in my reviews and I think Uggg….I’ve read way more than that.

    BUT DUDE! This would be a PERFECT time to use the website! Chronicling a whole year of reading? That would have been way easier than trying to keep a dumb spreadsheet which is what I’ve done this year. Now, as I’m trying to remember some of the books I gave 5/5 starts I’m really wishing I had an online reference so I could quickly see a review or something I wrote to remind myself of why I liked the book so much. I mean, I gave it 5/5 starts on my spreadsheet…WHY CAN I NOT REMEMBER A THING ABOUT IT?

    So I’m thinking about taking the time over the rest of the week to catalog my books from 2018 and take time to refresh my memory about them. I think it will make my life much easier for my year-end review. I’m worried it may take so long that I’m wasting precious hours I could be reading, but I just read 3 books in 5 days so I think I can give myself a little bit of a buffer.

    What are your thoughts about Goodreads? Do you find it as frustrating that you can’t just click a button, let it tap into your brain, and somehow know every book you’ve ever read? THAT WOULD BE AMAZING.