Our Own Indoor Playground of AWESOMENESS

This is a republish with a different video of an entry I put up earlier this morning. The old entry/video kept stalling out so I edited a new one hoping, since it was a better format, it would work better. Heaven forbid you all not be able to see the slide IN ACTION.

Me in a skirt

I wore a skirt for family dinner last night. Just like I said I would. It wasn’t anything too frilly. I’ve had it for awhile: A brown cotton skirt from Northface. A type of Skirt For the Outdoorsy Girl kinda thing. NikkiZ was thrilled and kept saying, “I wish I had a brown skirt I could wear.” Seeing me in a skirt was like a dream come true for her. I imagine it’s like when parents see their children reflect their own ideals as an adult. That wonderful feeling of being able to share a common passion with someone you unconditionally love. I mean – she loves me even in my nasty clothes – but in a skirt? It’s so much easier.

The only problem is, after dinner LilZ worked his magic on one of the staircases in the house. He had done this before and I had gotten one chance to enjoy it, but last night? I was determined to do it as much as my old and feeble body would let me.

This is the best shot we have of me doing it, but you get the point. Not a skirt-friendly activity. I had to grab some pajama pants out of my room to protect any innocent eyes from any unintentional flashing. Everyone in the family, including MrZ’s parents and his brother, took part in the slide. It was SO MUCH FUN. It wouldn’t have been possible if AndyZ’s bed and trundle didn’t have two of the oldest, most beat-up mattresses on the planet. They were hand-me-downs that came with the bed and we’ve been meaning to get him at least one good mattress for whatever part he sleeps on because you can feel the springs through those things.

But if we do get that mattress? We’ll be keeping these in a closet somewhere, solely for this purpose.

Here’s a clip of LilZ trying to take all three kids down at once. NikkiZ is of the opinion that maybe three at a time? Is pushing it.

It was gobs of fun. Seeing the kids (and the adults) run through the house to be the next one down the stairs was exactly what I feel like is the purpose of my life: Spreading Joy. In those moments, where I know I’m happy and the people I love are happy? I feel most at peace. Most fulfilled. Most joyful.

Even if I’m wearing pajamas under my skirt.

The Skirt: After


  • Cara

    Awesome indeed. Now I’m wondering if I can turn our stairs of death in to a slide… Can you make an 85 degree turn at the end? Hmmm…

  • Mrs. CPA

    As a kid, we used my little sister’s mattress as the actual thing to sit on to do this like a sled, and would slide down the stairs for hours!
    We don’t have stairs in our current house, but when it was time for Maddie to move to a bigger bed, I just threw the crib mattress out in the living room floor and the kids use it as a trampoline. It fits under a twin bed for hiding, and it was time to get another one any way, so it’s a trampoline until the springs start poking out.

  • Han

    The pjams under the skirt is awesome lol. My housemate wears skirts all the time (religious choice) so when we go to trampolining she puts her pjams on under her skirt.

  • TJ

    I have those SAME pajama pants! We call them my Halloween Craps, due to an unfortunate misreading of the “Halloween Crop” tag during a pajama tantrum in Target.

    I have yet to wear them under a skirt, but I HAVE worn my Gilligan & O’Malley nighties over my jeans.

    I think this is the first time I have ever been a bit bummed to live in a house with no stairs.

  • Amy

    OMG!!! You don’t know me and I don’t know you, but can I come over and play? LOL!!! I would bring snacks! This is all kinds of awesomeness. You are such a cool mom! Yay for houses with stairs. : )

  • Ash

    Devin and I used to do this when we were kids, except we were never smart enough to pad the stairs with something. We’d just get in a sleeping bag and bump our way down. This is genius!

  • Brandy

    Love the skirt! ADORE the pajama pants! 🙂

    That looks like FUN and I can totally see my family doing that in the future. Thanks for the idea!