One Of My Many Attempts To Organize My Life

This is me! Trying to work on my webpage which you are undoubtedly looking at going: I HATE IT.

But seriously? These changes are more for me.

Some days I want to write about TV but I don’t because I don’t want this a TV blog. Some days I want to write about exercise but I don’t want to become one of THOSE blogs either. I find that if I write too much about any topic other than home/family, then I’m becoming a topic blog or something. WHY DO I MAKE THIS SO DIFFICULT? So, I thought I’d make it an EVERYTHING blog. If I want to write about Glee songs or how Parenthood made me cry AGAIN, or how Happy Endings and Parks and Recreation are finally filling the sitcom void left in my heart by Friends, I CAN. Because now my web site has SECTIONS. Fancy.

Or if I want to write about running 5 days in a row. Or recipes. Or poop. DON’T MATTER. Somehow, putting my website into CATEGORIES under the heading EVERYTHING liberates me a bit as opposed to the old “Writer, Mother, Photographer” schtick which was probably only accurate for two days.

Now? EVERYTHING. I love it.

The most recent thing I’ve written will still show up on the top of this page in the BIG BOX. (This layout also forces me to use pictures which I sometimes don’t because I’m LAZY.) And then the most recent in the categories below in those boxes.

So…I hope you don’t hate it! Because I think it will free up my brain a bit to know I can write about everything even if it’s not domestic related.

And for one final note: I learned a valuable lesson this week. It’s usually too late to stop juggling things when you start dropping the balls. HOWEVER, once you drop them all? It’s like there’s nothing worse you can do! Yay for letting down everyone instead of just a few people! (If you’re one of those people. SO SORRY. I think I finally learned my limits now. EEK.)


  • MargieK

    A bit disorienting, but I’m sure I’ll get used to it. It’s YOUR blog, you can write about whatever you want anyway.

    Now to go back and find my way around (just having it all be in one place is easier for me to see what’s new — because I’m going to read it all anyway).

  • Lisa!!

    I love it!! I only wish I would have been able to take a screenshot of the previous look… Why?, hmmm I’m not sure. But that was my first thought. Not like I’d ever refer back to it. Ha! I noticed it yesterday before you tweeted about it and wondered what was wrong with my phone. But after I realized it was deliberate, I seriously thought, ” where on earth does she find the time!?” I don’t even make the time to copy pics to a cd (which I hope you received yesterday…finally!) Love you and your wonderful, lovely, fun, new looking blog!!!

  • Tracy

    I love it! I too write a little about everything and worry it hinders my ability to find readers because no one knows what I might write about next. I’m working on a similar redesign now–categorizing stuff for easier reading. Parenthood also makes me cry every week. Also, if you figure out a way to permanently organize your life, let me know.

  • Chris

    I love it! I too am a huge Parenthood fan. And I am an exercise junkie. And I am permanently trying to get organized. Wait, am I you? Are you me? LOL

  • Jen

    I think it looks great and I totally understand messing with it to try and make it work for you. I find myself constantly tweeking my site and I’m NEVER happy with it.