New Beginning. Again.

Today is the first day of February, which means January is over. The first month of 2012 is over. We can now officially analyze our progress with my our 2012 resolutions!

You go first. How are you doing?

FINE. I’ll go first. Let’s get the bad out of the way. My eating habits have not been adjusted like I had hoped they would. Do you like how I phrase that? Like it’s some sort of thing I’m hoping will just happen as opposed to something I might have failed at. I like to divert responsibility when at all possible.

IN MY DEFENSE…I knew this would be a rough time, the first part of the year. I knew with all of my theatre volunteer obligations (There are TWO shows being worked on at this very moment and E is in both of them and Nikki and Wes are even in one of them) that I’d be busy and a bit stressed and we ALL know what Kim does when she’s stressed. SHE EATS EVERYTHING IN ALL OF THE BOXES.

It’s been a rough four days especially. Non-stop eating and this time it wasn’t the usual 3 peanut butter sandwiches and bowls of cereal. This time I’ve been doing some REAL anxiety binging. Due to some unfortunate shopping decisions I’ve had cookies and chocolates and due to some birthday leftovers we had ice cream and cheesecake last week. I hate THREE pieces of cheesecake for LUNCH one day. Anxiety eating insanity? Has reached previously unknown heights in 2012. I’m setting new standards for stressful calories gained in one day! GO ME!

Gained a few pounds but you know what’s great? Today is FEBRUARY 1st! Perfect day for someone like me to “start over” and let February be a better month than January. WHO IS IN?

Now…my fitness on the other hand? Going well. I’ve had to miss a few boot camps due to babying of my IT band, but I’ve stayed pretty consistent with my running. I made my goal of 100 miles a month and did 106 as of yesterday. I’ve done a chunk of trail miles in all of that – some really tough ones that week including one stretch that was so steep it had a warning sign at the TOP (when I finally made it there) warning of the “Dangerous Descent” ahead.

And then yesterday I killed a hill workout at boot camp. This hill in the picture (which it seems is not that impressive to some people who look at the photo…but I’m still proud) elevates about 130ft over a 1/4 mile. It’s not super-steep, but it’s a long steady climb and I ran it SIX TIMES during our workout. Up and Down. Up and Down. SIX TIMES. I was super-proud of myself. Not only because I did it six times, but because it was kinda…well…easy. I mean, I struggled, but for the first time since we’ve been doing that workout I didn’t once consider walking. NOT EVEN ONCE.

So…100 miles for a few pounds of anxiety eating. I guess I can process the trade-off and still call it a WIN for 2012. Mainly because I’m so proud of those six hill repeats that I can’t stand letting my nightly stress eating take away any of that. SIX TIMES!

I’ve always stood by that there are no magic transformative moments, it’s a lot of baby steps forward, and baby steps backward, before you see real change. 2011 still saw me in the “IMPROVED” column and I’m planning on the final report of 2012 to say the same thing. Even if there are a few late night cheesecake binges scattered throughout the successes.


  • Heather

    I LOVE this post. I have always tried to look at time in terms of lots of chances to restart. Every new month… heck, sometimes every new week, is a restart if you need one.

    Warning, bragging ahead:
    I have ROCKED this year. Eating under control (including, in fact, a few allowed crap eating days) and I’ve nearly mastered consistent exercise, managing 5-6 days every week unless I got sick, and even on my sick week I got 3-4 days of SOMETHING in. I am so proud of me.

    Huh… sometimes bragging is fun. Also, I’m pretty sure you have nothing to worry about with the binging. It happens, and you’re getting a ton of great exercise in, so you’ll balance out and those few pounds you put on will come right back off. I think a few pounds of fluctuation is just part of life.

  • meekasmommy

    Congrats! Seems like you’re doing well with the resolutions, and keeping a great attitude about the things that you’re still working on! 🙂 I did a similar analysis myself yesterday, did well on some things and not so well on others, but will continue to work on them all til I get to where I wanna be! 😉

  • Maggie

    I resolved to cut my coffee/caffeine intake to 2 cups a day (I get too agitated otherwise – could caffeine be jacking up your stress/anxiety level?) and lower my wine/beer intake while increasing my water intake (mainly for easy calorie cutting purposes) and get into a winter exercise routine. I’ve done okay. I really admire your ability to run in poor weather conditions. I stop running for the season once the temperature drops below 50, I get discouraged that the weather here (MN) will just continue to decline, but really this year I could have been out there many a time and just didn’t. You have also inspired me to increase my daily miles once I do start in running again. As far as the binging, I started buying snacks/treats the kids liked but I didn’t and putting desserts in the freezer so it took more effort than being right in front of me on the counter.

  • BornInaZoo

    IT band injuries suck. I did mine in jumping of my deck… it’s a whole 8″ off the ground. Tonight I’m going to try a belly dancing class. Hopefully it’s healed enough & doesn’t hurt as much as hula dancing in Hawaii.

  • Fun mama

    Hiw much protein do you eat every day? I’ve noticed now that I’m working out a lot more, I go nuts eating if I don’t get at least 65 grams a day. It truly shocked me how mucho eating changed when I started ensuring that i did. I thought I ate to deal with anxiety, I still do a little, but overall this is much, much better.