My Running Story – Version 2.0


My Running Story – Version 2.0 (Now With Swimming And Cycling!)

After sticking to running for a solid 2 years after 5 prior years of hits and misses, I decided my running story was getting too long. This is the 2.0 version that recaps the first 5 crappy years and then basically documents my successes and milestones since 2011! You can go back and read the longer version if you’d like, but you’re not missing anything exciting by staying here.

Cotton Row 5K 2009 – 39:08

I’ve never been athletic by any definition of the word. I grew up playing sports because my Dad encouraged me to; and my school was small enough that they pretty much let anyone play whatever they wanted. I was never really great at anything and was only good at Volleyball, and that was after four years of playing. THEN I finally crossed from “kinda knows the rules” to “good.”

As an adult I periodically attempted running. My Dad was always a runner – doing about a 5K several times a week. It was just my Go To when looking for exercise because that’s what he did. I went through phases of doing two miles at a time, usually while trying to lose weight. I got up to three miles before my wedding in 2003, but I was still a smoker at the time so that wasn’t too great on the “fitness” scale of things. From 2006-2011 I made several half-assed attempts to become a runner. I ended up with a 5K time of 39:08 and a 13.1 time of 3:07:53 to show for at the end of those failing years. I did complete two half-marathons and one marathon in that time but I wasn’t able to run anything it it’s entirety. I walked a little bit of both 13.1s and only was able to run 8 miles of the marathon before I had to walk the rest of the way. I declared sometime in 2008 that I was NOT a runner and I was never going to try again.

I had my third child in 2008, then my Dad died in 2009. After coping with stress by eating (like I always do) my health was poor and my weight had reached the highest point ever. Finally, in September of 2010, I started boot camp. Here is the first entry I wrote about that boot camp and it CRACKS ME UP. I grew to love that bootcamp and was a faithful member until my oldest child left for college, leaving me without backup childcare in the morning. After committing to boot camp for the first year, in 2010 I got my 5K time down to 33:05 from 39:08 in 2009. It was in the Spring of 2011 that I got some running confidence and decided to giving the Becoming A Runner thing a try again by joining the Half Marathon training program through Fleet Feet Huntsville.

I’ve been running every since.  Here are my noteworthy achievements to date. There is no rhyme or reason to the order of these achievements.


Cotton Row 10K PR – 2014
I did the Cotton Row 5K in 2009 and it took me 39:08. Fast Forward to 2014 and I PR’d the 10K by 6 minutes from my first attempt at the 10K in 2011.

Cotton Row 10K PR – 0:55:28

Half Marathon PR – Oak Barrel 2014


I set out to the Oak Barrel Half Marathon in 2014 for a good run but had no desire to try for a PR since it has some crazy hills in it and I had just set a 2:05 PR a week or so prior. However, my friends decided they wanted to get me a PR and now matter how often I told them not to fret about me, they still focused on getting me to the finish line faster than 2:05 and they did!

PR 13.1 Time: 2:01:44 

5K PR : Double Helix 2014

Nikki and I set out to wear tutus to a race last Spring to support a runner that made the news for being mocked in one. The tutu evidently gave me magic powers as it helped me beat a PR I had been holding on to for 3 years.

PR 5K Time: 24:50

PR McKay Hollow Madness 25K

My favorite race is still my first ever trail race which is the McKay Hollow Madness 25K. It got even tougher this year to adjust for some trails in bad shape, yet I still managed to beat my previous year’s times.

McKay Hollow 25K PR: 3:57:01


photoDizzy 50s 50K  PR November 2013

I had the perfect combination of highs and lows on this race, but a friend at the end helped pull me to a strong finish giving me a 50K and a course PR! I definitely learned a lot about my “limits” during that race.
Course/Event PR – 6:48 


2013 RCM Finishline (1153 of 1635)-XLMarathon PR – Rocket City December 2013

This race was the perfect race day for me. Everything fell into place and I had no unexpected issues. I had a plan, I actually followed through on the plan, and it brought me to the goal I though was only a dream. It was the elusive “Good Day” we all want on race day.
Marathon PR – 4:37:17

As always, thanks to Gregg Gelmis of We Run Huntsville for the race photos.Recovery From The Holidays 50K Event/Course PR – December 2013

Just a basic good day where I fell in love with my running community all over again. I ran six of the ten loops without walk breaks which was a huge improvement from the year before. And even after falling apart loops 7,8, and 9 – I still PRed!

Course/Event PR – 6:12:39 


52 Miles in 12 hours. BOOM. Delano 12hr PR – March 9, 2014

I went into Delano 12hr 2014 with the primary goal to last 12 hours and the secondary goal to hit at least 50 miles. I did 52 total! It was a tough day that was hotter than I had been used to, but with the help of friends and family I met my goal with a smile on my face.

Course/Event PR: 52 miles in 12 hours


Updated Marathon and Half-Marathon Result Times Updated 10/20/2012

Count Date Race Time Notes Distance
1 4/28/2007 Country Music Marathon 7:05:27 * Run/Walk 26.2
2 5/21/2012 Scenic City Trail Marathon 6:38:36 26.2
3 10/20/2013 7 Bridges Marathon 4:58:14 26.2
4 10/19/2014 7 Bridges Marathon 4:53:08 26.2
5 12/13/2013 Rocket City Marathon 4:37:53 26.2
6 12/11/2012 Rocket City Marathon 4:54:03 26.2
8 11/15/2014 Dizzy 50s 50K 6:55:21 50K
9 11/16/2013 Dizzy 50s 50K 6:49:11 50K
10 11/17/2012 Dizzy 50s 50K 7:39:23 50K
11 12/31/2012 RFH 50K 7:04:25 50K
12 12/31/2013 RFH 50K 6:12:39 50K
13 3/10/2013 Delano 12-hr 42 miles
14 3/9/2014 Delano 12-hr 52 miles
1 12/10/2006 Tucson Half Marathon 2:32:15 13.1
2 3/7/2010 Disney Princess 3:07:53 13.1
3 3/23/2013 McKay 4:18:29 15K
4 3/24/2012 McKay 4:26:51 15K
5 3/22/2014 McKay 3:57:01 * Course Change 15K
6 4/7/2012 Oak Barrel 2:13:24 13.1
7 4/6/2013 Oak Barrel 2:15:58 13.1
8 4/5/2014 Oak Barrel 2:01:44 13.1
9 4/13/2014 Bridge Street Half 2:29:59 * Official 2:30 Race Pacer 13.1
10 3/30/2013 Scottsboro 13.1 2:40:40 * Paced another runner 13.1
11 3/29/2014 Scottsboro 13.1 2:04:51 13.1
12 11/11/2006 Huntsville Half 2:33:22 13.1
13 11/9/2013 Huntsville Half 2:10:09 * Paced another runner 13.1
14 11/10/2012 Huntsville Half 2:22:39 * Paced another runner 13.1
15 11/12/2011 Huntsville Half 2:07:20 13.1
16 11/8/2014 Huntsville Half 2:11:56 13.1


First Multi-Sport Season! Summer 2013

Pictures all from Frantic Frog 2013
Pictures all from Frantic Frog 2013. Compliments of Gregg Gelmis of We Run Huntsville.

There are really not enough words to explain how NOT a cyclist and NOT a swimmer I was before I started this season. If you read the following race reports you’ll get a taste of the anxiety I had to overcome just learning how to swim and bike. At the beginning of the season I thought I’d do one triathlon and bid that experiment farewell forever. Well, my husband was right, I ended the season having done all 3 “local” sprint triathlon and already looking forward to next year.

I did the Heel and Crank again in 2014 with much better results as I’ve become a better cyclists in the last year. Still not great as I’m still not a fan of cycling, but I did improve. I also did the Huntsville Sprint with Nikki in 2014. I still need to write a race report about that! As of right now I’m signed up to do my first “Oly” (Olympic Distance Triathlon) 2 days before I turn 40 which will be July 2015. I’m already nervous and it’s 9 months away at the time of this edit.



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