My Half-Ass Attempt To Write A Recipe Blog

We went to our local Thursday Night Farmer’s Market downtown yesterday. Partly because I love going and partly because it’s on my summer bucket list.

We bought a bunch of fruit because – with the kid’s being home every day – I need to provide some healthy snacks. I also bought some veggies because I love roasting random veggies during the summer.

I wish I could do this like some sort of recipe entry to tell you exactly what to do with what vegetable, but I never roast the same vegetable in the same way twice.

My standard method is: coat vegetable lightly in olive oil, then shake around in a bag of seasoning (I like ranch dressing mix!), then roast on a cookie sheet for 30 minutes at 350.

Everything stems from that, but I make variations depending on the vegetable and the rest of dinner. Last night? We roasted ZUCCHINI and CORN!

The corn was easy, I just shucked it, buttered it, and rolled it up in foil.

The zucchini I sliced into french-fry length pieces. But with about an inch width, I guess. Nothing exact about it. Then I coated it lightly with olive oil and then shook it around a bag of plain planko bread crumbs. I spread the strips on the baking shit sheet (HA!) with the foiled corn-on-the-cob and then sprayed them a bit with Pam: Butter Flavor, just to hope to get the bread crumbs a little crusty. I baked the whole pan (zucchini and corn on the same pan) at 350 for 30 minutes.


The corn turned out great too, I like roasted corn better than boiled corn. Basically? Two VERY dreamy summer veggies from our local farmer’s market. It was lovely.

I may try the zucchini next time by mixing the ranch dressing powder WITH the bread crumbs. Or maybe some italian seasoned bread crumbs? THE OPPORTUNITIES ARE ENDLESS.


  • Karen

    Sounds yummy. I think my husband would love it. But I gotta ask…. where do you get a baking shit? LOL Was that a Freudian slip?

  • melaniek

    YUM! I love roasted veggies but I hate heating up the kitchen with the oven so typically I skewer veggies on kabob sticks and grill them outside but I am probably going to need to give roasting another shot 🙂

  • Miss W

    We do this all year long 🙂 Fall and winter = AWESOME roasted squash! We normally go very plain with them – lightly toss in olive oil, some salt/pepper and maybe toss in some herbs (we’re big fans of herbes de provence). DELISH.

    We also usually do them with multiple veggies tossed together and mixed on the sheet so the flavors meld – squash with brussels sprouts (cut in half) and onions and parsnips (OMG the parsnips!!!!) or turnips… So far since the onset of spring/summer, we’ve added in asparagus, some mushrooms, literally – ENDLESS possibilities 🙂

    May have to try adding in the ranch flavoring for some variety 🙂

  • Lisa

    My favorite is Mexican roasted veggies. I never measure anything, so I’m sorry about that part. I do carrots, squash, zucchini, and onion together usually. Cut them up in pieces, throw them in a bowl with olive oil and coat everything really well. Then put them on the cookie sheet and sprinkle with a salt, pretty good bit of black pepper, little bit of red pepper, little bit of white pepper, lot of chili powder, and lot of cumin. A little bit of garlic powder too (unless I do whole garlic cloves, but I’m usually too lazy for that). Roast at 350 until soft, usually about 30 minutes.

    I use them for what I call “taco bowl” (aren’t I so creative?). Rice on the bottom of the bowl (I do brown rice in my rice cooker, set it to be ready when I get home and then throw in a partially drained can of rotel and spoonful of butter when it’s finished, for flavor), then black beans, then roasted veggies. Top with lettuce, tomato, avocado, cheese, sour cream, salsa, whatever kind of taco toppings you like. Shovel in mouth with spoon.

    Also good for enchiladas, quesadillas, or eating directly off the cookie sheet.

  • Cate

    My favorite right now is roasted for ; but I leave the husk on and all when I throw it in the oven. Bake at 350 for about half an hour, pull out of oven and let cool about five minutes. Shuck, rub with butter and a pinch of salt. SO GOOD.

  • Andy

    The roasted corn sounds great. When you roast your veggies are they in a seasoning bag on the backing sheet or are they just spread over the backing sheet uncovered? Thanks for sharing!