Moving Forward.

Thanks to all of you for your wonderful comments and sympathies yesterday. MrZ stayed home all day and said he refreshed the comments of that post about once an hour to read what everyone was saying. They meant more to both of us than you can possibly know. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Cisco went peacefully and we consider ourselves blessed to have had 10 great years with him.

Now. Enough with the tears! Let’s move on to things that make us smile like 3-year olds with first-time bangs and first-time painted fingernails!


The bangs were not very even thanks to a certain girl’s inability to site still and uncanny ability to wiggle as the scissors closed. I fixed it a bit, but still not perfect. Either way – DAMN CUTE. And I painted her nails for the first time as well. It’s like in the span of one day she went from 3 to 13 and I’m now watching her pin up pictures of teen heartthrobs to her wall while wailing about the tragedy of me not allowing her to go roller skating with her friends.

Maybe my imaginary teenage girl scenario needs a little updating?

Anyway. That’s our Big News of the week. We now have bangs. After months of failed pullback attempts with the hair (she has some sort of compulsion to remove everything in her hair after a few hours at school) and annoyance on our part and her teacher’s – we decided to give her bangs. And while I may regret it someday when we try to grow them out, we’re already seeing the advantages. The nervous-tick like habit of pushing the hair out of her eyes? Gone. Hairclips being lost at school? Not anymore. Clumps of oatmeal in the hear that ends up in her mouth while she eats? That’s the thing I was the happiest to see go. Oatmeal does not come out of hair easily.

At 3 she finally received her first real haircut. And at $10? It will be a long time before she gets another. Because – seriously? $10 to cut that little hair? Either I’m a cheap (which is a distinct possibility since I hate paying $15 for my trims) or that seems pricey for a child’s cut. I swear we only paid $5 for them growing up. Of course, that was back in the old days with the VCRs and the Cassette players. I’m hoping first thing on Obama’s agenda is to introduce tax incentives to hair salons with discounted prices. That’s way more important than the climate, the wars, or the economy. Don’t you think?


  • Jennifer

    I’m so very sorry about your dog. I’m not an animal person, but was crying when I read your post yesterday.

    And your daughter looks ADORABLE with bangs.

  • Bobbie

    I love her bangs! I personally hate to see when bangs are cut perfectly straight across (not to say that NikkiZ’s are crooked…).

    So sorry about your puppy. I still remember taking my Sheba to the vet and holding her while she was put to sleep.

  • Rhi

    She looks like a GROWN UP GIRL with those bangs.

    And, at my salon bang trims are free. But, my haircut is also $50. So, there’s that part.

  • Jamie McR

    Oh she looks cute with bangs. Bangs are the dilemma at our house with my 2 1/2 yrold daughter.

    So Sorry to read about your doggie. I cried yesterday and last week when I read it. Hugs to you for such a sad thing.

  • Katy

    I’m glad your doing okay with Cisco’s passing <3.

    NikkiZ looks so cute. I actually nearly painted my daughters nails the other day and then I told myself off, as she’s only just turned 2.

  • Aardvark

    I spent $115 on my hair yesterday. Umm and I would love to spend $10 on a haircut for Scout…because that would mean she would have enough hair to cut!

  • nonsoccermom

    I didn’t get a chance to comment yesterday, but I’m so sorry for your loss. Losing a pet is always hard.

    NikkiZ looks adorable!! And I agree, $10 always seems like so much for a kid’s haircut. Especially for my son, who just gets a buzz cut. But I have found it is worth it not to have the trauma of cutting it myself. GOOD GOD.

  • Dynamita

    I’ve been out with the flu for a couple of days so I couldn’t comment on Cisco. I am very sorry to hear about him. He looked like a happy dog.

    $10 seems cheap to me for a child’s hair cut. But maybe it’s just because I live in London prices which are mean. I love her new bangs.

  • bessie.viola

    That’s so adorable! She grew up in one post!!

    That does seem like a lot… almost seems like it should be a freebie along with yours. Although, the wiggling… maybe it’s the wiggling that makes it pricey?

  • Hannah

    Today was a major goodbye for me as well – it was my G-ma’s funeral today. It was good to see so much of my family but I wish so hard that it had been on better circumstances. ๐Ÿ™

    I love the nail varnish (even I wore pink nail varnish today rather than black. blue or purple — and me the girl who lives in trousers wore a skirt!)

    My hair cut s about ร‚ยฃ8 including a wash (I think thats about $14-15 ish)

  • Ally

    My daycare MADE me get my 15 month old bangs. Yes, I say MADE! Anyway, that 12-second, 1-snip of baby hair to make a bang cost me $14 from one of those “kid haircut” places. Fourteen effing dollas, peoples. She will be getting at-home, dull kitchen knife hairdos for the next 10 years to recap that shizz. And now she looks like a boy! Meh.

  • Lindz

    I paid 20.00 for my sons 1st hair cut! but in the end it was worth it he finally looked like a little boy, no matter how much blue he was wearing people thought he was a girl!
    hey NikkiZ look darn cute!
    and hey when you need a big change to take your mind off something hair is the best.

  • Rachael

    She looks adorable! I think $10 is pretty average for places like Great Clips, cheap if you tried to go to one of those fancy kiddie salons. Not that I would know, mine won’t let us cut his hair.

  • Liz

    NikkiZ looks so cute. My daughter decides she wants long hair now, so I trim her bangs myself. We used to pay about $8 for a hair-cut for her.

  • Swistle

    Oh, she looks so cute with bangs!

    $10 is what a kid’s haircut costs here, too, which is why I started cutting all my kids’ hair myself. Man, it was ADDING UP.

  • Cat

    SO CUTE. What a little lady. That’s kind of funny because when I saw $10 I thought, “well that’s not too bad, it’s way cheaper than mine” but then I read the rest of your sentence and was like, “omg I’m such a sucker!”

  • Monica

    I have hair just like yours, Zoot. After years of anguish I finally found someone that cuts it right. Unfortunately it’s $50/pop. Therefore I go twice a year and have her chop off a lot both times. Thank God curly hair hides the ends longer!

    I was just thinking about my daughter and her first real haircut which needs to come soon. (So far my lady has been nice enough to trim my daughter’s hair for free whenever I go in, which I guess is another advantage of paying so much. Buy one get one free.)

    I think if I were a beautician (do people still say that?), I would charge 3 times the adult amount for a kid. How hard must it be to get those little squirmy ones to sit still so you can cut in a semi-straight line without poking their eyes out!?

    NikkiZ really does look so much older than just a week ago. Will her little bro have a 5 o’clock shadow by next week? Hmm.

  • ~Dianne in Cali

    oh sorry I am on the late train as well. I am VERY sorry to hear about your dog. I couldn’t imagine anything happening to my dog prospect (lol hubs is in a motorcycle club and he named him 7 years ago.)
    Just remember the good times you had with him ๐Ÿ™‚
    ohhh and NikkiZ is ooober cute!! My daughter is pretty close in age to yours (I think) and she hasn’t had a haircut yet but I WILL cry when the day comes!

  • Snarky Mommy

    Zoot — I pay $20 for a BOY haircut. That would be $20 once a month in his case, because it’s super short. But we take him to a kids hair place that has race cars for the chairs and show videos in front of each chair. It’s well worth it considering he gets a great cut and there’s no crying or squirming since he’s mesmorized by Elmo. So consider yourself lucky to pay $10!

  • Jem

    The bangs are adorable!

    My cuts are $85. Admittedly I go to the best salon I could find, but I still thought that was pretty cheap considering. I feel a little depressed now.

  • del

    Goodbye Cisco. NikkiZ looks adorable.
    Wow – you did well to make it to 3 without nail polish. My son was the biggest user of polish in our house and did a mighty fine job of applying it (better than I would). He gave up on nail polish when a girl at school told him that ‘boys don’t wear nail polish’. The polish was retired and instead he picked up a pair of scissors. He gave his sister her 2nd and 3rd hair cuts. A fringe (bangs) and then later that week, some layers. You would think that I would have learned after the first hair cut!