Morning Mojo

My schedule has been so off the last 3 weeks that I’m a HUGE MESS. This week it’s the worst, starting last Thursday. Never in bed before 10pm, still waking up before 4am some days. It caught up with me yesterday and I slept until 5am, but I’m not sure if the Pros of getting more sleep outweigh the Cons of losing all of my morning prep time (Boot camp, laundry, email, etc).

I watched one of Hank Green’s Sci Show videos last night and in part of it he talks about the hormones that get screwed up when you don’t get enough sleep. And those bad hormone levels drives you to eat more. WELL…so THAT explains it. I can not even put into words how poorly I’ve eaten these last two weeks. I mean – ice cream, chips, hot wings, more ice cream, more chips – and a HELL OF A LOT OF SUBWAY COOKIES.

(Don’t ask.)

Seeing that video made me feel less crappy about all of this. It’s nice when sometimes I can pinpoint the cause of my eating problems as something OTHER than ANXIETY. I mean, I have that too, but I’m also having tons of fun amidst the chaos and that actually lessens the anxiety substantially. We’re all stressed, that’s part of it, but I’m also having the time of my life and know that I only get ONE MORE YEAR to do this with E so I’m not going to let the anxiety ruin it.

So for ONCE, my horrible eating problems can be blamed on something else: EXHAUSTION.

I had the night off last night, but since I “overslept” yesterday morning, I wasn’t sleepy until 10pm. And, of course, up before 4am this morning. This is what I mean by my schedule just being OFF. I did buy new coffee cups yesterday – which I think will help my morning immensely. I’ve broken 3 of my favorite coffee cups in the last few months. They’re the perfect size/shape for my morning coffee. Having to drink out of too-small or too-thin cups all this week has screwed with my morning Mojo. So, I bought some replacements. And y’all…TOTAL DIFFERENCE. This morning? The coffee is PERFECT. I’m ready to KICK THIS DAY’S ASS TODAY.

And I’m going to try to

Are you serious, Kim? Did you publish an entry you didn’t finish? I think you did. Because there’s a sentence there that you left open like you had a thought and something interrupted you. And then you sat back down later and noticed, “Hey! I didn’t publish that yet!” and you clicked publish. BEFORE FINISHING YOUR THOUGHT. Kim, get it together.


  • Sarah Lena

    Don’t feel badly. Eating like crap is part of tech week in the theatre. We tend to fuel ourselves with crap just to stay awake. I tend to stock up at Sam’s before a tech week so I have tons of Larabars in my car. (Remember how you mentioned living in your car? YES, THAT.)

    You’ve got some dark nights coming up! You will feel SO BORED.

  • Victoria

    Hi Kim, Long-time lurker (and big-time FAN) here. Just had to write re your eating comments above. I’m a big emotional eater, too, and have struggled for years to figure out a way to deal w/ the eating thing (which has been an issue even when I’ve been good about exercising). My epiphany of the past month: If I avoid sugar, I feel no urge to binge/ eat poorly.

    I know this sounds like an infomercial, but it’s been amazing. I cut out all sugar except for naturally occurring sugar found in fruit and milk. I’ve also been trying to limit my salty, nutrition-less foods (like chips), but I haven’t been as hard-core about the salty stuff as I am about the sugar.

    The first few days of no sugar were rough, but I just ate a piece of fruit when I felt a craving. I honestly feel SO, SO much better, and the cravings are totally gone. It’s been awesome to feel like I’m back in charge of my eating. Just my own experience, of course, but I thought I’d share — since it sounds like we’ve struggled with the same issue.

    Love, love your blog!

  • Diana

    Long time reader and lurker – just got a message about a tornado in your area. I hope you guys are well and know our thoughts are with you and please update when you have an opportunity.