More Bucket List O’ Fun!

Well! We’ve been working hard on our Summer Bucket List, that’s for sure!

Go To A Zoo

Everyone locally that has ever been to the Harmony Park Safari Wild Animal Preserve here in Huntsville raves about it, but we had never been before. We finally braved it this weekend and it was tons of fun. We took my nephew along for fun and we fed the animals 3 buckets of food from our van. I only screamed once, but that’s because those Emu are AGGRESSIVE and totally sporting the CRAZY EYES.

Crazy-Eyed Emu

Sunday morning my running group got canceled so I decided to tackle one of the Morning Only things on our list: KRISPY KREME! It’s been so long since we’ve done this the kids didn’t even know what we I was talking about.

Go To Krispy Kreme

They didn’t even appreciate the “HOT NOW” sign! Damn kids…

I let them each pick two. Nikki loved her hot glazed one (like her Mom) and her cinnamon roll donut. Wes got a cream-filled and a sprinkle donut. He ate both but one bite of the sprinkled donut and then declared for the rest of the day that he, “didn’t like the donuts.” I told him that if he ate that much of the food I cooked that he “didn’t like” I would be thrilled!

See A Movie

We saw Brave last weekend and thoroughly enjoyed it. It was a little scary in parts but both my kids have a high-tolerance for scary movies.

Make A Cake

We made the cakes last weekend that I already mentioned but not as it relates to the Bucket List O’ Summer Fun so I wanted to make sure it got it’s spotlight.

Now that softball is over we’re hoping to do more of the evening things like bowling and putt-putt. Neither of the little kids have done those things at all so that should be fun.

How’s your summer going? Are you getting out and doing any of the things you hoped to do? Or are you melting due to the 100+ degree temperatures because – I’m not lying – parts of my car are actually falling off because it’s so hot here the adhesive is disintegrating.