Mondays SUCK.

Its one of those days.

  • My hair is BEYOND frizzy, so much so that the clippy I brought to keep it out of my face has popped out 3 times. Yes, my hair is planning a mutiny on my scalp. You’ve been warned.
  • I have eaten so many cashews today (see damn Super Bowl leftovers) that I have retained all fluids and feel like I am going to explode from my fingers out.
  • I spilled coffee on my lap.
  • And Diet Coke.
  • And I’m wearing very light khakis. Grr.
  • I have lost my Subway Sub-Card with 7 stamps on it, one short of a free 6inch.
  • I broke my pinky nail. I am not one of “those girls” who worries about her nails. Mine suck, they are thin and they break a lot. Unfortunately, this nail broke BELOW the skin and bleeding occured. I cried.
  • I forgot to drop off the rent.
  • I forgot to put the whites in the dryer before I left for work.
  • One of my animals, probably a cat, puked in the hallway.
  • I think thats it for my sucky Monday – I’ll let you know if it gets any worse.