Lurkers and Pockets.

So, I was doing my daily run of YouTube videos last night. I watched the latest from Vlogbrothers and I honest-to-god cried.

Videos like this is why I’m constantly berating myself for not becoming a nerdfighter earlier. I read Looking For Alaska awhile back and enjoyed it, but I didn’t branch out to the world of the author and his brother until I read The Fault In Our Stars. At least once a week I read something from Nerdfighteria; or from the Green brothers and think, “DAMN. Why haven’t I been following these guys and their community forever? WHY AM I SO LATE TO THE GAME? They make me want to be a BETTER PERSON.”

John put it perfectly, writing about the Nerdfighter community on his tumblr:

I guess the real metaphor is not you-can-only-make-stuff-if-people-hold-you-up; the real metaphor here is that together-things-happen-that-can-never-happen-alone, which is a very important thing for an introverted and socially anxious person like me to realize. I guess these days this is a politically charged statement, but it seems to me manifestly true: You make nothing alone. Human beings are not mere competitors, and human life is not merely competition. We are collaborators. To be human is to catch the falling person.

YES. And why did it take so long for me to find this community? WHY? I mean – I don’t contribute shit to it. But I am inspired by everyone who does, especially Hank and John. And while I may not add anything to the collaboration, I like to support those who do.

This was the latest video that made me cry from Hank.

He spoke to my heart even though he was speaking to a 16-year old girl. I love his commentary on the value of what we contribute to the world. I watched the video 10 times and kept thinking, “YES. YES. YES. YES.” His words have been echoing in my head a lot lately as I wonder if I’ve contributed anything significant to the world in my 37 years of life…which is more than twice the opportunities of the 16-year old he’s addressing in the video.

These guys? They move me. And their community gives me hope because it’s so predominantly full of young girls. If the world is dominated by Adult Nerdfighters in 5-10 years? It can only be a better place.

And I constantly wanting to join in. I want to comment on the videos, but I’m too scared of the YouTube comment sections. I want to make my own videos, or write my own essays. I want to go to gatherings of Nerdfighters or see Hank play his music somewhere. I want to do more than just admire from the sidelines! But I don’t, because I’m a chicken. And luckily, their words still inspire me in my own life to Decrease World Suck. And that’s really what Nerdfighters are trying to do. So, I keep using my own little piece of real estate on the web, and my own simple life as a Mom in Alabama to spread The Awesome in my own way.

So…I’m feeling all of these sappy things about the Vlogbrothers and Nerdfighteria and then I saw this video on Hank’s Channel about pockets.

And what did I do? I COMMENTED.

That’s how much Hank and John inspire me…so much that they bring me to finally join the community and participate in the conversation…about pockets.

It’s better than nothing, right?

Also – this is why you’ll never see me write anything complaining about people who don’t comment. Because I AM THE WORST. Unless I can think of something perfect to say (about pockets?) I am too chicken to comment. So…for all of you who maybe have never commented here because you don’t know how to contribute? THAT’S FINE! No pressure. Maybe some day I’ll write something thought-provoking (about pockets) that will finally inspire you to comment too.

Because…seriously? Girl pockets SUCK. And that’s some serious social commentary right there.


  • Han

    On Esther Day I emailed my three friends from university – to start with I didn’t get any replies so that thought that I genuinely was just going mad and imagined the whole thing or something.

    I then got a text from my friend saying – “your email made me have a little cry thank you”

    So I sent it to my parents as well before going to sleep. My Mum just replied with I love you too. But Dad knocked it out of the park “I love you too & I am very proud of you, especially the way you have taken on your sidekick and support CJ in his projects” – dude!! my Dad knows how to knock someone over with words!!!

    I do question if what I do is of worth but actually maybe it’s not of worth on a massive changing the world and solving world peace kind of way but it’s showing my neighbours love by making them cookies at Christmas (or it’s our our neighbour on one side sending over carrier bags of lettuce leaves that aren’t edible but are fine for guinea pigs! Rock on!!), it’s letting someone out of a junction on my way to or from work so that they can get home that bit quicker and spent those extra minutes with their kids or family – in what ever form that comes.

    It’s the little things we do that we think don’t make a lot of different but they do whether it’s little or changes someone’s world. I have a customer at work who’s sister is going through treatment for cancer – although we’ve finished sorting out the query he had I dropped him a quick email to see how she was doing and he was genuinely appreciative that I should take the time to say hello and see how she was doing.

  • Lisa

    You’re probably going to get the most random comments on this post. I want to be all COMMUNITY, and my brain won’t stop with the GIRL POCKETS part.

    So. Girl pockets. I was reading an iPhone 5 rumor a few weeks ago that said the iPhone is getting a bigger screen and I started to panic because HOW AM I GOING TO CARRY IT? My first thought was, “That won’t fit in useless girl pockets! Gah, stupid girl pockets!!!” And having a kid made me really utilize pockets, because who wants to dig through the purse/diaper bag for car keys? Keys, phone, spare paci – all go in pockets.

    Thank you for giving me a platform to rant about pockets. Girl pockets are seriously a huge pet peeve of mine.

  • MargieK

    What girl pockets? Dresses and skirts rarely have them, nor do women’s dress pants (unless they’re teeny decorative pockets, maybe). And if your blouse or top has a pocket, it’s probably worthless and would make the shirt hang funny if you put anything heavier than a post-it note in it.Frustrating? Yes. But pockets are so consistently absent in women’s clothing (sorry, I’m not a “girl” anymore) that I’ve grown used to just always having some kind of bag for my stuff. Too bad the “fanny pack” (or “bum bag,” if you’re British) is so scorned, as it’s a much more convenient and ergonomically superior solution to pocket paucity.

    My solution for where to put my phone when I’m wearing an outfit without pockets and carrying a purse is awkward or forbidden (like at a party, where I’m mingling)? My bra. I suppose that might embarrass some people, but it’s not like I’m exposing my boobs. This is also where I put my credit card when I’m buying gas on the way to work at 5:45am, and don’t want to take the extra time to crawl back into the car and put it in my wallet after I’ve scanned it because I want to pump my gas and get going. I put the credit card back into my wallet when i get back into the car.

    And vis-a-vis Lurkers vs Commenters, I don’t like to comment on big, popular sites where ignorant people make stupid or cruel comments; it’s not worth my time. So yeah, big sites like YouTube, Yahoo, etc, I simply don’t comment. Blogs I like (like yours, obviously), I’ll comment — but rarely, because I don’t always have much to add.