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Live! From Disney!

First and foremost – I finished the race! It wasn’t entirely perfect as I was battling a nasty shin splint from the day before at the Magic Kingdom. I ran the first 8 miles no problem and then walked about 25% of miles 9-12 and then ran most of the last mile. I’m proud of myself considering my training was HORRIBLE. I’ll give your more details later. But for now…here’s a cell phone picture from the finish.

The shin splints from yesterday nearly killed me but I finished and have the medal to prove it!

We haven’t gone through all of our pictures since we’re still here but I wanted to show you all a few so far. I have a lot to say about the race, my Dad and this trip. But for now? Adorable pictures.

Ariel's Grotto

Mickey and Minnie!

Bippity Boppity Boo!

15 comments on “Live! From Disney!

  1. Congrats! I am so envious of you doing this, I hope to be there next year. As I was walking around Downtown Disney yesterday I tried to acknowledge every crown wearing/medal sporting girl I saw by saying “AWESOME JOB!”

  2. Congrats! I love that LilZ is still game for doing little kid stuff with his sister. (Honestly, those theme park characters scare me to death.)

  3. I am so proud to be one of your sponsers (donators? contributors?). You rock!
    And, I am completely and totally captivated by your little princess!! I would love to see her wandering about the Magic Kingdom dressed like that.

  4. You ran 12 miles in chandelier earrings???!!! You are a rock star!
    The kids look wonderful, I hope you are having a blast!

  5. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! The only thing I love more than your race earrings…is that picture of your sweet daughter dressed as Little Mermaid. xo

  6. Oh my gosh! My friend, Krystyn, ran in that race, and I was up there cheering for her with another friend of ours–and I totally remember seeing your shirts! Congratulations on finishing! I told my friend, Brandi (the one who was there cheering with me) that I would have lasted about one mile & then I would have died at the happiest place on earth.

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