Let’s Talk Bullet Journals!

I know I’ve been neglecting my favorite topic lately: Bullet Journaling. But here’s why, it’s because I kinda get my fix posting to my BuJo instagram so I forget to write about it anymore. (BuJo, what the cool kids say so that we don’t have to say “BJ” and then open ourselves up for a lot of inappropriate jokes.) I did actually write about bullet journaling today though on my bullet journal blog and I’m going to dig a little deeper into what I wrote over there, because over here I can also write about…wait for it…THERAPY!

(See? You just THOUGHT I was here to write about bullet journals today. I FOOLED YOU!)

When I’m at work I usually keep my bullet journal open on my desk with today’s page of “To Do” items. My therapist pointed out a few weeks ago that maybe that’s not something necessary or at least IDEAL to stare at all day if you suffer from intense anxieties. You know – a big reminder of all of the things you have to do or haven’t done, just in your periphery ALL. DAY. LONG.

Maybe not calming? Maybe?

So I’ve been trying to work on different ways to still give myself the order and control feeling that my list provides, but maybe without some of the anxiety-inducing effects. SO! I’ve done this thing where I’ve created a section on my “daily” page for “mindfullness.” It’s basically a “To Do” list for how to be mindful like I wrote about yesterday. I see that in my periphery as well so if I start to feel a spiral or if I feel compelled to eat 42 donuts, I can check in with that little box. Some days it is just a reminder to BREATHE. Other days, it’s a list of options and things to do. Either way, it is a visual cue to remind me to check in, to be aware of my actual needs in any moment so I don’t suddenly find myself crying in my car or cramming my face in a giant bag of french fries from Burger King.


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