Knocking Out The Summer Bucket List!

We’ve been doing a pretty good job at knocking out things from our Summer Bucket List on a regular basis. It’s actually working pretty effectively because several of these projects/outings were not things I would have done in that moment had it not been for our list. Maybe I was tired or just didn’t feel like leaving the house. But I have this list in the back of my mind at all times so if there’s a moment/opportunity where something on the list is possible, I tend to take advantage of it. We’ll be able to do even more once softball season is over (we’re in All-Stars right now) and we’ll have more of our weeknights free. But so far – here’s some of the things we’ve done from the list:

Catching Fireflies!

Chalk Art
Bike Ride on the Greenway

Outdoor Concert

We actually did two at once on Saturday. That greenway up there is at the Hayes Nature Preserve which has been doing some rennovations since 2 years ago when we used to go there a lot to pick up Donnie from kayaking outings. They have this new “natural” playground I’ve been dying to visit so, after we rode our bikes (and by “we” I mean “the kids” because I don’t do bikes) we hit the playground. It was really fun, and a nice change from the brightly colored plastic playgrounds we normally visit.

We actually did the outdoor concert, greenway, and playground all this weekend. All of that on top of a building rappel, a 16-mile long run, and some Father’s Day festivities is why I rewarded myself with this last night:

The recipe is here. I added the raspberries on top because they were on sale and looked good this weekend, and I added bigger pieces of oreo along the sides of mine because you couldn’t really see them in the filling like you could in the recipe. Everyone declared the dessert a BIG WHOPPING SUCCESS last night at Father’s Day dinner. So, all in all? A highly productive weekend!

How was yours? Did you eat any desserts that should be declared illegal?


  • Amanda

    Bless your heart for posting the link to that recipe. I saw the picture on Twitter this weekend and when I showed my fiance (!!!), even he got excited and he “doesn’t like sweets.” My favorite thing is that it won’t even be difficult to convert it into a gluten free cake!! I think I even have a gluten free devil’s food cake mix in the cabinet at home…

  • stace

    that cake is ridiculous! i want it! funny you should ask b/c i’m still suffering from carbohydrate arrest from the apple dumplings i made last night. don’t even look at it, girl. will kill you! i found it on pinterest from the pioneer woman – that right there tells you it was divine!! (i had two helpings AFTER we overdosed on bbq ribs and fresh corn and potatoes.)

      • stace

        YES! aren’t they incredible! and as soon as i rid my house of the 20 that remain i swear that i will never make them again b/c they are EVIL!

  • Katie

    Where is this Hayes nature preserve exactly? I’ve had several friends who go there who love it but I’m not sure where it is. And is that concert up there? I’d like to try that!

    • zoot

      Katie – It’s in Hampton Cove! If you turn right on that highway after going over the moutain, it’s down on the left a bit. And that concert is the one at Lowe Mill every Friday! We may go again this Friday. It’s TONS of fun!!! You should go!

  • yueqing

    Thanks for sharing the wonderful pictures Zoot!..they are so warm and the playground looks so rustic and nice!~~ Wes looks so cute on the training bike…=P felt like am sharing your and your children’s growing journeys, after following your blog for so long~~Marvellous job on climbing down 12 storeys ^^ =P