Jimmy Buffet Is A Liar

Sometime during my late-night bowl of 4-scoop ice cream I thought, Hmmm…Mondays always suck.

I know! I’m a revolutionary.

But seriously! I know they suck for the obvious Weekend Is Over, Work Week Is So Long type of reasons. I get that. Mondays have always sucked for that reason. But it occurred to me last night that Mondays are always my problem days when it comes to emotional eating.

Something about the release of the weekend being over gives me this weird PTSD sensation on Monday. Especially lately. We have very busy weekends. This weekend? I woke up at 4am on Saturday. Did housework. Ran 10 miles with a friend. Went to cheer on more friends at a local 5K. Went to soccer. Went to a roller-skating party. Barely made it with both eyes open long enough to put the kids to bed. Then Sunday? We ran 19 miles and then we had Nikki’s family birthday dinner celebration at our house.

Come Monday? It was NOT alright.

And it occurred to me that the crazier my weekends are? The more I eat on Monday. It’s like I can’t cope with the let down of the chaos well so I just binge. And then – if I have a stressful week ahead like I do this week? The two pile on and I eat 5000 calories in one day.

This is (unfortunately) not an exaggeration.

So…do you know what makes this doubly sucky? Because I do the same thing you all do that we’ve discussed here a million times. I use Mondays as my “START” days. If I screw up in the week I think, Oh well, this week has blown. Let’s just throw it all out the window and start over Monday. And you know what that means if Monday is the blown day, right? It means that I have ZERO good days before I give up the week entirely to my emotional eating.


I’m terribly depressed because I was doing very well. I had a few bad days last week because it was stressful (MY KID HAD AUDITIONS. THOSE ARE ALWAYS STRESSFUL WEEKS.) so I was using Monday as my “START” day and – well – you know how that went.

So now I have to try to beat myself into submission and NOT just throw this week out the window (WE HAVE MORE AUDITIONS THIS WEEK) and try my BEST to just let Monday’s failures stand alone. Because – let me tell you – eating 5000 calories a day more than once a week? Is exactly how someone puts 8lbs back on in 4 weeks…in case you were wondering.

Emotional eating just SUCKS. This is why they call them “eating disorders” and I’m just lucky mine is balanced out by a fitness habit that keeps the weight gain in check or else I’d be screwed. Using food as medication for exhaustion, anxiety, and depression is only better than when I used to use cigarettes for all of those things. And some days, I feel like it was easier to quit smoking.

What about you? Do you do the EAT ALL THE FOODS on Monday after a crazy weekend or before a stressful week? Should we just sedate ourselves until Tuesday and see if that works?


  • Mary

    I did eat all the things yesterday as a definitely compulsive eating stress response. My cat has been peeing on bed, and my husband and I are divorcing, and Sunday was our wedding anniversary, and I just didn’t handle it well. I did track all my food in MFP, which is why I know that I ate about 3800 calories yesterday, Yuck No wonder I feel this way today. I had been “good” for about 2 1/2 months (Why is it always good vs. bad? It’s like there is no in-between for me.), and I will be back on track today. But sometimes, life kicks you in the ass a little bit, and we go back to what we know. The important this is not to stay in what we know and go back to the peace and the light!

  • Kim

    I try not to eat all the things. Especially since I ate all the things on Sunday. And then again on Saturday, and the rest of the week prior.

    One of the things that I try SO hard to focus on is, “Just because you have one bad meals, doesn’t mean you have to throw the rest of the day.” (Or in this case, week.) Try focusing on the ENTIRE diet/life change/whatever you want to call it. Don’t focus on one day or on one meal. It puts you into a vicious cycle. Like Fat Bastard from Austin Powers, “I eat because I’m unhappy… I’m unhappy because I eat.”

    It’s OK to stress eat once in a while. It’ll happen. And if you deny yourself 100% of the time? Then when you DO enjoy yourself, you will over endulge way more than you should. Don’t beat yourself up over it. Just try and re-start today. And if you slip up? Then it’s OK. Just focus on your next meal being better.

    • Jen

      I do this too. Not WW, but throwing out a day/week/month/whatever because of one bad decision.

      I’ve been working on reminding myself that each decision is an opportunity to make a healthy decision. Doesn’t matter what I just did (can’t change the past) or what I might do next (which helps if I’m worried that I might “ruin” the day later with an unhealthy binge) – but in this moment, right now, can I make a healthy choice?

      YMMV, but I find that for me, framing it that way results in better choices more often than not.

  • Crystal

    First of all I’ll point out that quitting smoking IS easier than dealing with even a mild eating disorder. Because you can’t just stop eating. It’s always managing the thing you are addicted to, but still providing yourself nourishment. It would be the similar thing to only taking one drag off of a cigarette three times a day instead of smoking the whole thing. If you never gave them up completely you’d not even have that basic “this is nasty” reaction that so many ex smokers have now, because it’d never be out of your system entirely.

    My first reaction to reading this blog was to think about your Weight Watchers post from a few days ago. In it you said these things…

    ‘When I first entered my information, the program gave me 26 points a day and 49 “extra” points for the week. I changed my weigh-in day to Monday because I prefer those “extra” points to reset on Mondays so I can use those points on Saturdays and Sundays. It’s mainly a mental thing. I like seeing the extra points waiting for me all week and then as soon as I use them on the weekend, they reset on Monday.

    But – I did something else after two days. I changed my “extra” points to 29 instead of 49. After two days I realized that my 26 points per day combined with the Activity Points I was getting for exercise gave me PLENTY of points per day. I wasn’t hungry as long as I was making good decisions. So it seemed excessive to use 49 over the weekend, especially since I do my longest runs on the weekends so I already earn extra points.”

    I suggest changing your start day to Tuesday and consider increasing your extra points a little for the busier/stressful/more emotional weeks. I’m by no means saying you should excuse yourself for eating 5000 calories in one day, however, this may all be the case of trying to hold yourself to an unrealistic expectation, and therefore setting yourself up for failure. It occurs to me that knocking 20 of your extra points off AND counting the fruits that are free, is a lot of ‘extras’ you are taking away from yourself.

    These changes would avoid giving you an excuse to throw the whole week out, and it would give you a little more room to indulge without overdoing it. I’m not sure that it’s possible to expect yourself to not seek comfort in food, but you can teach yourself that having one serving of something that is comfort food, is comfort enough. Also, you have noted it’s easier for you to manage a lot of things if you have it preportioned out (like the fruit for your smoothies). I would consider when you are putting the foods away that aren’t so good for you to have that you package them in manageable portions. I would like to think that if you were going back to the kitchen to open another container to get more of dessert or left overs from dinner, you might at least have to think twice about it, and be able to resist going overboard. Whereas when it’s all in one big bowl/container together, you can just keep scooping it out, without much thought.

    And have you attempted relaxation techniques that you employ just before eating? If you are doing specific things to calm and center yourself before you make food choices, it might give you more inner strength to make the right choices when it matters most.

  • Eliah

    I am clearly your son. Want to know what I ate Friday? Four donuts, a cup of birthday cake gelato, and a piece of pie from Waffle House, along with my regular meals. And I don’t even exercise.

  • Shelly in Austin

    I am always hungry on Mondays. I typically blame it on being so busy on weekends that I eat less than I actually need. Whatever the reason, Monday is always the day that I have to cut myself some slack. I say change that start day to Tuesday!

  • Miss W

    Ok, I’m also doing weight watchers…and because I know when my biggest eating days are (Friday evening and kind of all day Saturday – the times I’m most likely to be out or to do things with friends where I don’t want to think about “being good”) I sat down and really thought about when to reset.

    Once upon a time my reset for the week was on Wednesday thinking that I would have a couple of days to “recover” from my weekend before resetting (then I’d see at least *some* weight loss if that was my goal, or when I wanted to maintain my weight, I’d had some time to undo any damage so the scale didn’t jump up a few pounds).

    This time, I changed my reset. i know that during the week, I am busy enough that I’m a total teetotaler. Monday through mid-afternoon Friday I am exact in my eating habits (mainly because of time constraints – a salad and a frozen entree and lunch is done and dinner at home is easily planned around whatever I have left for the day). So I weigh myself and reset my eating habits on Friday – I’ve had a week to “recover” from any harm done on the weekend. I usually think of it this way – my eating and my weighing are on different schedules. I view my eating reset as Monday…but my weighing checking progress on Friday. It helps me if I think that I’m eating *last week’s* extra on the week’s end rather than the start of a new week. Obviously with WW online it doesn’t show up that way on the system, but I play that little mind trick and don’t screw up a whole week with it and am able to feel good about myself on a weighing day because that’s done BEFORE my binges.

  • Laural

    Why yes I do that also. I’m not a Monday eater. I am a Friday eater. But that is because Friday is my re-set day.
    For me it’s stress. And stress equals carbs. And wine. And Sugar. And Cheese.
    It’s so hard.

  • Katy

    I know I’m very late with this but I had to comment. I’m an emotional eater too and probably eat in the evenings at least 6 out of the 7 days. I can go a week without doing it and think I’m doing so well and the next thing I know, it’s crept back in again without me even realising I am doing it. I deal with it day by day and hope for the best. And as someone who quit smoking (again) ten weeks ago, that was so much easier than dealing with this.

    • Zoot

      YES. Because with quitting smoking (I did that in 2003) you can at least remove the temptation a bit by not having cigarettes on hand, but you can’t get rid of food! URG.