In the Beginning…

Donnie and I…sometime in 2004

You want to know a secret? It’s not really January 7th, 2004. It’s really August 5th, 2004. I am simply backdating this as an effort to put some sort of introduction to this blog. Some background information – if you will.

I really did start blogging sometime around the beginning of January, 2004. Like all bloggers, I wasn’t sure, in the beginning, what I wanted to be about on my blog. Would I do one entry a day? Like a journal? Or would I write many entries, short and sweet, more like a blog?

Then – would I put up pictures of my family? Would I say what town I lived in? Will anyone ever READ this? Does it matter if I remain anonymous?

Well – after a few months – I had gotten into the writing groove – worked out a little niche. But it looked like crap. I was using Typepad, which is great – but I wanted it to be prettier. I downloaded MT 2.664, bought this domain, and started teaching myself about stylesheets. I was still updating my Typepad site, until I had a decent layout to unveil my new blog.

This is actually my first entry at this domain. I slowly started copy and pasting entries from my other blog. I only brought over about 10-15 of the old entries. I was smart enough to start using MT and working with stylesheets, but too stupid to know how to import entries and comments from another blog. So? I just copied and pasted, and said goodbye to about 80 entries and about 100 comments. I only saved my favorite entries and left them comment-free.

So – here I am wishing I had thought a bit before tossing the old blog, I wish I had saved some of those other entries and comments. But I didn’t. No going back now.

And now look at this site. Skins, and javascripts. PHP and CSS. Perl and HTML. I have learned a lot in the last 8 months. I have done it all myself with MINIMAL help from my husband. He knows a bunch, but I only asked when I was desperate. I know more about the evolution of blogging than I care to admit! My blogging style has grown into an open format with multiple entries a day.

I have found my niche, and I hope you enjoy it.

So – I have decided to officially make this day – Fake January 7th, 2004 – my official blog birthday. That way – I’ll know when to celebrate it next year! I hope you’ll come back and celebrate.