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I’m Forming A Support Group For Mousse Users

I’m sitting inside the Huntsville airport right now, waiting to hop a plain to Cincinnati. Where I’ll then hop another plane to Chicago. I’ll come back tomorrow, so I was faced with the option of not checking any baggage. I can pack for one night in a carry-on EASY. Right? No problem.

Except that I don’t travel often and don’t know exactly some of the protocols. I knew there were rules about carrying on liquids and I had hair products to pack. I looked online to check the information and let me just make one thing clear: The amount of conditioner I’d be limited to in a carry-on? Is the exact amount I would use on ONE STRAND OF HAIR. Do you know how much conditioner I use? A LOT MORE THAN 3 OUNCES.

That was dilemma number 1. But number 2 was this: What Is Mousse? While it is in the can – it is a liquid. But when you squirt it out, it is a…foam? What is a foam? And if the airline still classified it as a liquid…how would I get it to the proper size container? Once mousse comes out of the container, IT MUST BE USED. Seriously…how does one deal with the big MOUSSE question when carrying on luggage? And why is there not a huge sign about THAT when you walk in the airport? Plenty of information about nailclippers, lotions, medicines but NOTHING about mousse. MOUSSE IS WAY MORE IMPORTANT THAN MEDICATION.

Jeez. You’d think I was the only one still stuck in the 80s and using mousse.

I’d assume mousse would count as an “aerosol” and could be transported in a clear quart-sized bag. But my mousse – if it is in fact an aerosol – would not FIT in that size of bag. My mousse only costs $1.29, what’s the point in making travel sizes? BAH. My hair complicates my life AGAIN. Like that time I lost my pen in it. Or the time it got stuck in a round brush. THIS HAIR IS MORE TROUBLE THAN IT IS WORTH.

So – I checked a bag. I didn’t want to waste my few hours in Chicago hunting down conditioner and mousse. I brought my little backpack to the check luggage counter and dealt with the question of, “Are you sure? It’s small enough to carry on,” by saying, “Yes. I’m sure. Until modern science can find a way for me to transfer my mousse to a smaller container while still allowing it to maintain the mousse-y quality, I’ll have to check my luggage.”

I have no idea why she looked at me weird after that.

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  1. hahaha I have had to do the same thing for when traveling. I have found contact solution that is allowed on as a carry on…but I need more than just that!! Have fun in Chicago and safe travels!

  2. Whenever I’ve gone get my hair cut, the stylist has always used mousse on my hair. I guess I have the kind of hair that requires mousse!

  3. I also don’t travel often and when I do I travel light, but I always check my luggage because some of these restrictions leave a little too much open to interpretation.

  4. I learned that mousse does not travel well in middle school. I thought it would be a great idea to squirt what I needed for the day into a travel soap container. By the time I got the the bus stop it had evaporated. Sad, but true.

  5. Too late for this tip now but here is what you do. Mail your hair stuff to yourself at the hotel. Yeap. You heard me.

    Grab a FedEx box at the office, through in small bottles of what you need. Send it to yourself at the hotel the day before your arrival. They will hold it and give it to you at check-in. (Doesn’t hurt to let them know it’s coming)

  6. I’ve been wondering how people are getting through with what they need. The airline lost my luggage once, and I don’t ever want to check luggage ever ever EVER again. Good luck on your travels.

  7. Seriously, these rules about what you can carry on make no allowances for people with curly hair. I can pack light enough to not have to check my bag, but I NEED my conditioner. And my leave-in conditioner and my hair stuff which is a cross between an hair gel and a hair cream. There’s no way to fit all of that into one of those little tiny ziplock bags.

    Have fun in Chicago!

  8. I flew in December (only one way, we had driven to the place) and brought my mousse on the plane. The only thing they took from me was my unopened bottle of water.

  9. I totally feel ya. I don’t even consider travel-size hair care products when flying. With curly hari that’s just laughable. I’ve got to check my bags for that . . . and the five pairs of shoes that I won’t really wear but can’t leave home without. Yet, I still consider myself a “really good bag packer.”

  10. You picked a PERFECT day to come to Chicago!! It is supposed to get up to 64 degrees and be sunny…and all of the snow is melting away! For the first time in a long time, *I* am actually happy to be in Chicago!

    Have a great trip!

  11. Gah, the airlines and their crazy rules. I always end up stuffing as much as I can into the little travel bottles, and forgoing anything that won’t fit. Especially if it’s a short trip. I figure I can always throw my hair in a french braid if I’m having an off day, right? But usually I’m gone long enough to HAVE to check a bag. And I’m with Mamajama – having had luggage lost TWICE, it makes me really nervous to check bags.

  12. I just hit the nearest drugstore or airport gift shop when I land. It’s cheaper for me to buy a bottle of hair gel then to check a bag.

    Plus Jet Blue just stole a bunch of stuff from my husband’s checked bag and were real a-holes about it.

  13. I was just going through this same dilemma! And besides the hair products travelling, I have to use a blow dryer + diffuser, which takes up half the space, and doesn’t allow for all the shoe choices necessary for a 3 day trip (at least 6…)

  14. Um, it is too late for this info to help you, but whatever. . . I recently traveled to San Diego for a 2-day conference, and you better believe I carried on (I hate to check bags, always afraid I’ll never see them again).

    I needed mousse, too, so I bought a trial-size John Frieda Frizz-Ease mousse at Target. It was under 3 ounces and fit right in the quart-size bag (with my trial-size face soap, moisturizer, concealer, contact lens solution, chapstick, etc, etc).

    For shampoo, conditioner & bath soap, though, I just used the free stuff at the hotel–they replenish it every day, so no worries about there not being enough of it.

  15. I mena this is the nicest way, but more than 3 ounces of conditioner for one hair washing session? Really? That’s over a 1/4 cup of conditioner (3/8, actually). I know you don’t use shampoo and just coat your hair with conditioner, but wow! Now I kinda feel like I should be sending you money for your conditioner budget in return for the wonderful content you put up for us readers!

  16. I hear ya. You did the only thing a reasonable woman can do. Those terrorists sure didn’t think of US when they thought up that whole liquid bomb mess.

  17. At this point, we just purchase cheap full size bottles when we arrive somewhere. The time that I would have to spend waiting to check luggage that may get lost is far more valuable than the few bucks I will waste when I can’t take the leftovers home with me. I’m cheap, but I will make exceptions for easy travel.

  18. I solve this problem by not taking along ANY of that stuff (not worth the hassle of packing, then unpacking the baggie of liquids just to REpack it), and hitting up a grocery store, drug store or Target/Walmart when I get to where I’m going. And if I absolutely can’t get to one, I resign myself to using the hotel stuff. I also carry on, because I KNOW my stuff will get lost.

  19. The individuals who use the hotel stuff or whatever cheap stuff they can find ALMOST make me laugh.

    These are people who don’t have truly curly hair. Who have not gone through middle school w/boys spitting spit balls (never to be found again) in your hair, and dealing w/frizz in it’s truest sense. I feel you pain, sista! I too am a member of the curl militia and understand the need for the exact hair product that works for your hair. AND that no curly girl in her right mind could travel w/only 3 oz of product unless (maybe) it was for overnight.

    Curly Girl Militia Unite!
    Oh no, I’m not bitter or anything.
    And, while I wear my hair curly most of the time, you will rarely see pix of me w/it that way. My favorite pix are always w/it strait (which takes hours).

  20. Oh that sucks. I probably just would have purchased a new one in Chicago and left it there. Maybe that’s why I blow through money like crazy….

  21. I know exactly how you feel! I have long, curly hair, and there’s no way that I can pack my haircare products in a bag that can be carried onto the plane. I hate having to check bags because of my hair! The mousse is my biggest problem. I found you by doing a search for travel sized products for curly hair. I’m glad to see I’m not the only one with this problem…not that it helps us find a solution! I’m always worried about not bringing my mousse and then buying it when I get there because it’s not always easy to find the curly mousse products (though I have noticed it’s getting easier!). And what if I can’t find a drugstore near our hotel? What if we’re arriving late and the shops are closed? I can’t bear to think about how I’m going to look if I don’t find something suitable. I may scare the locals. Not bringing it with me stresses me out too much.

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