I’m feeling really inadequate right now


You know how you feel all good about yourself when you figure something new out on the computer? Or is that just me? I’ll be all “Look! I made a webpage!” and I’ll get all cocky like I’m a big computer geek like all the cool kids. Then? My BFF’s eleven-year-old daughter goes and teaches herself to make animated .gifs like the one above (teaches HERSELF) and makes me one for my goofy little website. She’s the cool one, not me. She’s ELEVEN for chrissakes. And she MADE this for ME.

Thanks LaLa! I love you!


  • Karen

    Yeah, my daughter is the same way…. granted, she’s a little older than LaLa (she’s 14), but she has a wicked way with Paint Shop Pro.

  • callistawolf

    SO pretty. šŸ™‚ I made a glittery thing once but I’m sure I’ve long since forgotten how on earth to do it. I’m scared at what my son is going to outdo me at in the years to come. YIKES!

  • lastewie

    Zoot,I don’t even knoe HTML yet! It amazes me how kids pick things up. Blame it on my being almost middle aged. AH! How can I be almost middle aged???? (cue hysterics)

  • lynne

    She’s 11 ! I’m 31 and I don’t know how to make one of those sparkly animated gifs and I’m an animator! I knew the day would come when elementary kids would be able to do our job. I guess I should tell the rest of the guys here to put down our wacom pens and weep. Boo hoo. Smart neice tho.

  • stace

    Oh, she’ll be so excited to see that you put that up her and bragged on her!!

    She is awesome, isn’t she?? ; ) xoxo