I hate water.

I hate water. I think it tastes bad. And don’t give me “Water doesnt HAVE a taste!” (MrZoot – I’m looking at you.) Because it does. It is the taste of nastiness. And I do not like it. At All.

And don’t give me “How can you not like water?” (LilZoot – that ones for YOU). The same way you can not like Diet Vanilla Coke because I think that makes you the most messed up person on the planet. Diet Vanilla Coke is the beverage of the gods yet I don’t mock you if you don’t like it – so leave me alone about not liking water.

The thing is? I am supposed to drink water. We all are. Eight damn glasses a day. I can honestly say I dont think there has ever been a day go by where I drank my full 64 ounces. EVER.

And for every ounce of coke or coffee I drink? I’m supposed to drink an EXTRA ounce of water. This is recommended for everyone. EVERYONE. But have I mentioned I hate water?

There are times when I crave it. About once a month – I’ll wake up in the middle of the night in a frenzy of thirst and I’ll go fall downstairs and grab a bottle of water and chug the entire thing. I am guessing those are the times when I am knocking on dehydration’s door due to the lack of water and sustaining on Diet Vanilla Coke and Coffee.

I also drink water when I work out. But not much. Just enough to keep me alive. But you know what? That doesnt count towards my eight glasses a day ANYWAY. So who cares about that. Supposedly, I am supposed to weigh myself before and after a work out and drink the weight I lose in water. Whatever.

So – that’s my issue regarding this new health kick to prepare for the possibility of pregnancy (having miscarriages makes you want to be the perfect model of perfect health for a perfect pregnancy) – I need to be drinking more water. Anyone have any secrets that can help me? Like “Oh Zoot! Didnt you read the latest JAMA? It turns out Diet Vanilla Coke IS good for you. You can drink as much as you want and you NEVER have to drink water again. Oh- and the same goes for coffee and BEER. Oh – and Cosmopolitans. Yeah – all of them – ten times better than water. And the article said that if you drink them all the time? You are guaranteed a Bill Gates level of successful child.”

I’m waiting…


  • christine

    what they said…I drink the flavored waters (I know, cheating) or…I can only drink water if it is cold. Just put like 5 ice cubes in it and drink it all at once.
    Water does have a taste…
    I think iced tea might have the same effect as soda though, because of the sugar and it is a diuretic (I don’t really know how to spell that, but that is what my mother tells me when I drink iced tea rather than water).

  • Hula Doula

    Just a little over the top comment on water…If you put lemon in it they say that it’s suppose to quench your thirst. The BONUS is that it also PH balances it so that your body can absorb it better.
    In the classes I’m taking (to be a doula) they discuss the benefits of a healthy pregnancy and how water affects the overall well being of the pregnancy. (stops Braxton Hicks, helps with nutrient absorption…etc)
    Just a little FYI – even though you hate it if you are trying to get pregnant try not to substitute anything else for it. (example – iced tea, propel, fruit…etc) Things like flavored water sometimes have a lot of sugar. (based on what kind they are)
    I hate it to if the truth be known but I am learning to like it for my benefit.

  • Sweety

    Heh I lOVE water & don’t like anything with “diet”. šŸ™‚

    Does fresh lemonade count? With 3 limes & 4 or 5 cups of water it must be healthy. And it tastes good šŸ™‚

  • Amy

    I don’t like diet vanilla coke either…to me it tastes like cough syrup. I do like the diet lemon and the diet lime cokes…and the diet cherry coke is my favorite of all.

  • Oliquig

    I hate water too. I normally resort to what was referred to as bug juice at camp. Which is half glass juice, half glass water.

  • Debby

    I also hate water..We need to start a water-haters club. The only way I can drink it is those flavored waters (I know,that’s cheating) like Propel or Fruit 2O.

  • jennifer

    The propel is great so you should really give it a try, I applaud your determination to be in model for health for this next baby !

  • Susanna

    At least you don’t get mocked by your parents every time you visit them that you took a bottle of water on the plane with you…
    I used to hate water too. Now I just drink it.

  • Busy Mom

    I’m not fond of water either, but I do best with Dasani brand, even my kids like it.

    Now, I ususally agree with what you say, but I am going to have to dissent on the Diet Vanilla Coke thing. It tastes like a can of chemicals. Go straight to Sonic and order a Vanilla Diet Coke and you will be converted to my way šŸ™‚

  • Jessica

    Water does TOO have a taste to it. It all depends on the water company and what they put in it/take out. This is tap water, which I think tastes better (depending on town) than bottled water. Of course, I rarely drink water like I should and live on my Diet Dr.Pepper. I would try the flavored waters, though, if you’re determined to drink it.

  • Fraulein N

    Have you tried different brands of water? Because there is a difference. Maybe it’s just that the brands you’ve been drinking are gross.

  • keepergirl

    I remember reading somewhere that while we all need the equivalent of 8 glass of water a day, we actually get most of that from a lot of the foods we eat (especially if we eat a lot of fruits and veggies). So it could be that you’re already getting a lot of that water and you don’t even know it! Of course, this is coming from a 100% diet coke addict, so what do I know. (I do love the flavored fizzy waters though, so give those a try too.)

  • Chris

    I don’t think I’ve ever heard anyone say that they hate water. Interesting! How bout if you put something in water…like lemon or lime?

  • Mir

    I happen to love water (please don’t hit me) but for variety I do like those Fruit2O drinks, and my local supermarket now does a (cheap) imitation that is also yummy. Since it’s water and sucralose and a bit of flavoring, it’s about as well as you can do short of the real thing.

    And Diet Vanilla Coke is NASTY. NAS-TEEEEEEEE! Get thee some Diet Lime Coke, woman!

  • Kerry

    Or, if you’d rather not spend a fortune on bottled water, you can get powdered Crystal Light or the generic equivalent. Not the greatest stuff ever, but it gives a bit of flavor to the water and it’s cheap.

  • myllissa

    Down with water! I hate it too. I’m dependant on Diet Coke with Lime and haven’t passed out yet. I only drink water when I have to take medicine and when I work out. That Propel water is a little better than plain old water, but I’ll take a diet coke over water anyday.

  • Anne

    Aw man, I love water. It’s practically all I drink. My friends call me a fish.

    What I can’t stand is milk. Yuck! It’s all … thick. Why would you drink something that’s thick?

    Anyway, If you eat a lot of fruit (especially apples and pears IIRC) you’re already getting a decent amount of water from those.

    And Diet Lime Coke? The best coke EVER!

  • Shawna

    I am horrified by all diet drinks (why replace food with chemicals?) but I’m not a fan of most bottled water either; the waters that have been purified with ozone taste disgusting. Tap water is better regulated than bottled water and usually tastes better. Also, other beverages and foods you eat can count towards your daily fluid requirement – milk, soup, juice, yogurt, herbal tea, fruit, popsicles, etc. -and many of these supply important nutrients as well.

  • Satan

    I never drink water too šŸ™

    I’m trying to stay away from soda and drinking Gatorade — something that I can stand but yet feel good about myself that I’m replenishing my lost water šŸ™‚

    As for diet drinks, I’ve tried Diet Coke, and that no taste good šŸ™