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I Can’t Feel My Arms…

MrZoot totally kicked my ASS tonight. Or, my ARMS rather. It was bicep/tricep night and my arms are hurting. But- all that said – it feels good spiritually. I got really into working out for awhile, but when I had to plan my own wedding, I started running out of hours in a day and quit about a month before my wedding (October). Then we got pregnant (YEAH!) then we miscarried (BOO!) and all that “eat eat eat” I did because I didnt think it mattered kinda caught up with me. Not to mention the “eat eat eat” I did because I was just freakin’ depressed! And then…there’s the “eat eat eat” from Mother’s Day. All of those “eat eat eats” kinda added a few pounds on La Zoota and she wants them GONE. So – it felt REALLY good to finally get a good workout.

Of course – we’ve got the “go ahead” to start “trying” again next month – so maybe, if all goes well, I’l have an excuse to stop working out! WOO! Keep your fingers crossed. Until then – I’ll just try to get the “Wedding Zoot” body back, because it was ROCKIN’!

Speaking of, uh, my wedding body? No. Um, my sore arms? No. Um hell I dont know what made me think of this, but I did, so there. Did you hear Pamie’s good news? I swear, I have been reading her web journals/blogs longer than I want to admit, and it is super cool to see her have such blessings bestowed upon her. Well – I’m going to go soak my miserably sore body in hopes that if I am nice to my body tonight – it wont hurt TOO much more tomorrow.

OH – and just for the record – big muscle boys in striped spandex shorts REALLY freak me out. ‘Nuf said.

14 comments on “I Can’t Feel My Arms…

  1. Actually Popeye would be kinda cool. Olive Oyl is the one you don’t want to be. skeggeggeggeg

  2. YEAH!!! You lived through a work out!!!! (sucks I know) When I miscarried I did the same thing you did. (eat eat eat) I went through a major funk. Our last miscarriage in November I took Ben and Jerry’s to bed and read a book. I’m so sorry for that loss.

  3. Good luck with everything! I just started fencing again with my hubby and some freinds. The day after isn’t usualy too bad it is two days after that gets me. I can’t lift my arms and my thighs kill me! But it is a great work out.

  4. See, this is why I don’t work out. I have a hard enough time getting out of bed and coming to work in the morning…I can’t imagine how much harder it would be if it was actually causing me physical pain.

  5. Dude, working out rocks the funky beat. Women wearing thongs over leotards à la the mid-80s? Not so much. Just as bad as the spandex-wearing men.

  6. Big muscle dudes in striped spandex scare me too! Its really nasty…OH…massage tip…go soak your body in some epsom salt girl…very good for the muscles and serenity. 🙂 Love ya!

  7. Congrats on hitting the gym again, Zoot! I did the same thing tonight and it does feel good.

    And also, enjoy the whole “trying” thing. 😉

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