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How I Do It…

(First and Foremost: Go watch the newest Deathly Hallows trailer because it will BLOW YOUR MIND. The wedding! The Lovegood’s Home!)

People often as me, “How do you do it?” Do they mean raising three perfect children? Keeping Writing such inspirational and brilliant blog entries for 6 solid years? Staying fit an gorgeous? No. They don’t ask me any of those things (probably because they’re not true). They ask me, “How do you watch so much TV?”

My superpower – the ability to watch copious amounts of television while still finding time to feed and bathe my children.

But here’s the thing – and my husband will vouch for me – I cheat. Most hour-long dramas? I watch in under 30 minutes. First, you take out commercials, which brings the show down to about 42-47 minutes. Then, you account for the Zoot Factor. There are a lot of things I’ll fast-forward thru. Scenes that make me uncomfortable. Or stories that bore me. Often times the long several episodes story lines are the ones that bore me most. A good example is the show Burn Notice. It always has two storylines. The single episode storyline and the multiple-episode arc. The multiple-episode arc? Bores me. So I fast-forward through those parts. I have no idea what the whole Michael/Jesse drama was about last season. But the single episode stories? LOVE THOSE.

When I saw I watched 2 1-hour dramas last night? I was actually in front of the TV for under an hour. It’s like speed-dating! Now, some shows I never fast-forward through anything. Like Vampire Diaries. Or Castle. But then shows like Criminal Minds? Sometimes so many things irritate me about that show? I watch the entire episode in 15 minutes.

So…while we’re talking TV…what new shows are you watching? I tried Lonestar and The Event so far. I have a few other shows recorded that I haven’t watched yet. But those two? Liked them. I guess no one else but me watching Lonestar because they’re already talking about canceling it. The Event was really fascinating, but I refuse to compare it to Lost. It’s just a really interesting show. Lost wasn’t that great all the time, as a matter of fact it irritated me often. The Event was just a good pilot, we’ll see from there.

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  1. Most of the programmes I watch are recorded on my Sky+ (UK version of TiVo). I watch everything on a Sunday morning when I doo my ironing. I am so used to whizzing through the breaks that I get really irritated when I watch “live” TV now and can whizz through!

  2. I cheat, too. In fact, when I had Tivo, I could put it on FF and still read the captioning, if parts began to bore me or dragged out, I would fast forward and still not miss anything (This is how I got through Carnivale, the first season)

    Also, a lot of shows will do stupid filler recap thingies when they return from commercial break, so I get lax with doing the rewind to get it perfect, knowing I didn’t miss much. I can watch an episode of House Hunters International in about 10 minutes – they do a TON of recaps and filler crap. I just want to see the houses.

    I really, really liked the Event – I saw enough of Lost to also not make that comparison. Actually, it reminds me of Flash Forward, which makes me nervous because that show ended up bombing a bit for me.

    I also liked Lone Star – I am having trouble with the two-timing part, but think the show has great potential. It is frustrating to hear it might already be canceled.

    Sorta like having a feed reader allows me to read a ton of blogs, having a DVR allows me to watch a ton of TV shows. We let shows pileup and tend to save them for the weekend. I am really behind on the pilots right now

  3. Our DVR has all sorts of new premiers on it. In fact, I don’t even remember what is on there. LOL! I will watch Big Bang tonight because it’s my absolute favorite show. Everything else will get recorded and watched this weekend. I do this only because I hate commercials, and I’m so impatient. Biggest Loser was on this week for two long hours and I said “no way”. I can get through that in about 15 minutes. πŸ™‚

  4. The Event was just so-so. I sort of stumbled on it, having forgotten it was coming on. (Those promos just annoyed me into changing the channel.) I actually thought it was trying to be like Lost, especially the music and the pacing. Maybe as time goes on it’ll become its own thing. I was definitely hooked (for now) by the end of the pilot.

    I caught Raising Hope, which was pretty funny, if a bit cringe-inducing. Several literal laugh-out-loud moments, which is rare. I tried to watch Running Wilde, because … Will Arnett! Keri Russell! But … no. I made it about five minutes in before giving up.

  5. I thought they did a good job with the Event premier, but DH and I realized after watching it that we really don’t feel the need to bring more suspense and anxiety into our lives through a weekly TV show. So…we unsubscribed from that one.

    We watch on Hulu, so small sets of commercials, but it’s all free, which is lovely. Just switched from TiVo when we moved a few months ago. We don’t tend to FF during shows, but we also don’t watch things live.

  6. The Jesse/Michael story arc was really good! You are missing out!

    I don’t think I’ve watched any new shows yet. I have watched How I Met Your Mother, Castle, Glee, and Modern Family. I don’t think I’ve seen any commercials for new shows that have appealed to me yet.

  7. Oh, a comment above reminded me that I watched Running Wilde. It was decent. My husband loves Will Arnett, so we’ll probably stick with it for a few episodes at least.

  8. Yup thats how I do dancing with the stars i zoom threw the people i dont want to see and get see there score i do this with all tv if its slow or not catching my attention i fast forward til i like it i HATE watching commericals cause, they just bore me and make me want things i don’t need! before i had dvr i would just flip to a different channel and watch something that didnt have a commerical… i have mastered this skill lol

  9. My DVR is already working over-time and it is only the first week. Only new show I watched was Hawaii Five-0, I give it 3 star. I can’t wait for tonight’s Fringe!!

  10. haha oh my goodness, girl! i think it’s so funny that people ask you about this! i would have been curious myself except for the fact that i’ve seen these superpowers at work. this is a perfect example of my comment yesterday!!

  11. I have Lonestar Tivo’d but haven’t had time to watch it yet. We watch a lot of TV around here but do it all between 9pm and midnight every night — I just don’t feel comfortable with my little man watching/hearing anything more “adult” than Wizards of Waverly Place or Jonas Brothers (and those are only on in the evenings when trying to settle him down for bed — they still bore him to some degree so he doesn’t really watch it but slows WAY down before starting the actual bedtime routine). We do a LOT of cheating and fast forwarding here, too. Otherwise we’d never get through all the stuff we want to see!

  12. I FF a lot too. Especially on shows like Survivor & Big Brother when they “plead their case” for not being voted out. The only new show I’ve watched so far is Mike & Molly and it was HYSTERICAL! I haven’t laughed that hard in a long time.

  13. I am excited about the new TV this fall. I thought Lonestar was okay, but I’ve also heard it’s out. I really liked The Event and No Ordinary Family. We’ve also been watching Nikita and Hawaii Five 0.

  14. Re: the HP trailer – wheeee! πŸ˜€
    Re: TV. The only premiere I’ve watched so far is House. I am definitely not as good at cramming at that TV in as you are πŸ˜‰ Plus, I have no DVR! (I know, it’s tragic. Pity me. πŸ˜› )

  15. My husband, who claims that I watch too much TV (he watches shows like Lost, Dexter, and 24, but waits ’til they’re on DVD so he can watch the whole season at once), actually sat down and watching “Raising Hope” with me. I’ve never heard him laugh so hard! I’m not sure the whole season can be as funny, but we’ll watch it again next week.

  16. I am a big cheater when I watch TV on DVR, I definitely fast forward through parts, especially if I know that I don’t care or it’s super cheesy. But I have never done two 1-hour shows in 60 minutes. THAT is impressive.

    I’ve DVR’ed Lone Star and another new one tomorrow because my DVR is overloaded during the week. I swear Thursday nights it might explode. I watched My Generation, which was very well marketed, and honestly, it was pretty cheesy. I’ll give it one more chance but that will be it.

    I LOVE TV πŸ™‚

  17. thanks for the trailer, woohooooooooooooo… but bad news over here — i think i have school the day after it opens. SO HOW CAN I DO A MIDNIGHT SHOWING?? i’m considering just staying up all night and going straight to class. then falling asleep at my desk. it will be JUST LIKE HIGH SCHOOL ALL OVER AGAIN.

    “how do you watch so much TV?” you crack me up. we’re watching Glee and Modern Family, and fast-forwarding thru general hospital, like usual.

  18. I wrote a long boring comment on all the stuff I watch and DVR but it did not post. So here is a different boring comment. As far as new stuff, I watched Blue Bloods on In Demand because of Will Estes, I watched Terriers because of Donal Logue, I watched The Whole Truth because of Maura Tierney, I watched Hellcats just because. I have Lone Star waiting on my DVR and I am DVRing the 2nd showing of the pilot of The Event. And as a side note, I enjoy Cougar Town more than Modern Family.

  19. No cable at our house. I use Hulu a lot. I have not watched any of the new stuff yet.

    You have loverly children and I just wanted to say OMG OMG OMG!!! Deathly Hallows is COMMMING SOOON!!!! Ok my tangent is over now. As you were.

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