How Can I Forget The Most Important Part?

How did I do an entire entry about Bullet Journals and not talk about my PENS. JenniferB asked about it and I couldn’t BELIEVE I left out the best part!

My favorite pens to use – mainly because I like color.

  • Uniball signo 207 (retractable) – GREAT color packs.
  • Pilot Precise V5 – also great color packs/li>
  • NEW: Uniball Vision and Vision Elite in their FANCY editions with decorative casings. Totally gorgeous.

And I found the PERFECT sized pouch that holds a ton of pens and even my washi tape, white out (which I only use on pages that are important), and tiny scissors (for the washi tape, of course). It fits in my average sized purse along with my bullet journal so I always have that stuff every where I go. Because god forbid I have a washi-tape bullet journal emergency and NOT be prepared.

And I wonder why everyone thinks I’m the biggest dork EVER.

The pouch is that fancy designer brand (Orla Kiely?) from Target and I mainly got it because the size is perfect. It’s also really sturdy and the pattern is cute – although they had cuter patterns in the bigger pouches.


NOW…I think that covers my Bullet Journal obsession!


  • Brenda

    I asked my brother what he wanted/needed for Christmas/Birthday and he said he needed some good pens for work. As I’m at the store looking at pens I started thinking….What would Miss Zoot suggest? LOL

  • Liz

    YES!!!! I think if you are ever stuck for blog material you should hold a photo contest- “I showed you my pen bag, now show me yours.” I’m guessing your readership has some awesome pen bags.

  • Hannie

    I dug out a part used notebook and started with that to try out a bullet journal. It means I have pages for notes if needed but also some idea of what’s going on in the next week or so – well other than Christmas of course!!

    I am a serious snob when it comes to pens – having said that I have far too many!