Grover + Twitter = Internet Awesome

groverThis was one of my favorite childhood books. I even used it in a presentation in high school about my journey through depression and loneliness. I had “GROVER” written on the back of my shirt once, BECAUSE OF THIS BOOK. When I think of ONE book that represents my childhood? It was THIS BOOK. I had several stuffed Grovers growing up and I even perfected my elbow-less “NEAR!….FAR!….” Grover impersonation.

(No. You can not see it.)

So…needless to say…watching this happen on Twitter over lunch today? Brought me a lifetime’s worth of flashbacks.

And then, of course, Wil Wheaton had to play along…



  • Mary

    I was just coming over here to tell you about the iPad app, but Rayshell beat me to it! I absolutely loved this book when I was a kid!

  • Debbie

    My kids (16 and 14) and I were just talking about how this was their favorite book growing up. I will have to show them the twitter feed. They will get a kick out of that.

  • Cara

    I loved that book! But, I traumatized my two year old by trying to read it to her. When actual tears started running down her face, I stopped trying to convince her to get to the end of the book to see it was Grover. Ahem. Apparently two is a bit too young.

  • Mary Anne

    I still have my copy of this book that my kids loved to read when they were little. There is a sequel to this book with Elmo….Another Monster at the End of this Book. 🙂

  • NTE

    I am super enthusiastically geeky about this book, and today’s twitter version. I’d be so embarrassed, but Grover already beat me to it 🙂 This is the first book I remember reading on my own, the first my nephew managed to read on his own, and the one that never fails to make a grown-up act like a fool and a class full of 4-yr-olds roll with laughter.

  • Violet

    I saved this book from when I was a kid to share with my kids someday, that’s how much I loved it. Now they love it, too. And they read it over and over on the iPad and iPhone…thank you Starbucks for giving it away, or I never would have known about it! N