Follow Me To The New RSS Party!


First off? We’re having internet issues in our house. This is why my presence here and everywhere else online has been a bit sporadic. I apologize for this. Without regular blogging my left eye starts to twitch and I acquire an unexplained limp. If I don’t solve these technological issues soon, I’ll be rotating around the “Free Wi-Fi” locations around here.

Secondly? Did you hear that they’re shutting down my favorite RSS feed reader in July? I mean – FIRST they took away the ability to share and comment on the thing – and now they’re getting rid of it? All together? Kim is not a happy camper.

For those of you who don’t know what RSS is or a feed reader, let me give you an easy summary. RSS is – literally – “Really Simple Syndication”. Basically, any website that creates regular content, creates RSS feeds of that content without any bells and whistles. Just the basic HTML of the content itself. Then, “Feed Readers” like Google Reader allow you to subscribe to those pages, and it funnels those RSS feeds all into one location. So, if you read a lot of blogs/news/magazines type sites, you can read all of their updates in one location. You don’t have to keep bookmarks or remember links.

Google Reader used to let you “share” out items you really liked. I loved this feature because my “shared” items also displayed on my blog. And then any of my friends in Reader could comment on those items. So, it gave us a little community to discuss articles and entries. And then? THEN? Google took that function away. And a small part of my soul died.

But now? NOW? They’re taking away the entire reader. Basically they want us all to use Google+, which we won’t do simply out of spite now. So…where do we all go? WHERE DO YOU GO?


On Twitter yesterday, some key peeps decided to start using The Old Reader. Evidently you can A) Share items and B) Comment on those shared items. Which I have already done with this entry.

What are you waiting for? GO JOIN! FOLLOW ME! I’LL FOLLOW YOU BACK! These type of communities ONLY work if we all go. We need to ALL go over there and start following each other and start sharing items and talking about them and creating what we used to have on Google Reader. PUH-LEASE? If you read more than 5 blogs or websites a day, you will love having a feed reader. It means you only have to make one stop every day to see all of your favorite websites. And their entries ONLY show up if they have new content. So, if they don’t update regularly you can still follow them without stopping by their site constantly for updates.

If you’ve never used an RSS reader before and have any questions/confusion – just post a comment here and I’ll help you out. If you have, then you may be like me and appreciate the excuse to start over with your subscriptions. Don’t you still have those blogs on your Google Reader that you don’t know why you still follow? You don’t ever comment or even read their entries anymore. Why are you still subscribed? Well, now you can just start over with the ones you actually want to read!

Or – if you want – you can import your subscriptions from Google Reader. I did not do that because I knew I needed to prune my list a bit, but if you like your list as is? Easy as pie!

Come join the party! We’re leaving Google Reader before they shut the place down, and we’re setting up at The Old Reader, I can’t wait to see you there!


  • Cassy

    So I’ve been using feeddlerRss on my phone and iPad. I’m guessing that is similar to hat you are talking about?

    • Ash

      Feeddler uses your google log in t get the data. So I have a feeling it’s not going to work when google removes the reader.

  • Bren

    Thank you! I had no idea what I was going to do after July! I hope it’s easy to set up because I am very un-tech savvy!

  • Karen

    I’ll give it a shot. I’ve already started using the reader at Bloglines. Importing was instantaneous there. Once this gets up and going, I’ll have to see how it is.

  • Katie

    I have heard of these RSS things before but have no odea how to use it or set one up! And yes, I check to read about 10 blogs on a bookmark list. We will have to meet one day for coffee (or diet Coke) at a placw with wifi so you can set it up for me. šŸ™‚

  • aly

    oh thank goodness. i was wondering what you were going to use– i love(d) my reader. i was trying out feedly, but i heard a rumor that they’re going to start charging for it and it’s not my favorite interface…. i will try the old reader and let’s see… šŸ™‚

  • Krista

    I’ve moved to Bloglovin’ and I’m really pleased with it. Hope you’re as happy with your new RSS reader! And shame on Google. First it was iGoogle and now the reader. I don’t know what they’re thinking!!

  • Lisa

    I started using Feedly and am kind of attached to it. And now people are using the sharing function in The Old Reader, which is pretty awesome, but we’re all split between platforms. WHY MUST YOU SPLIT US UP, GOOGLE? WHHHYYYYYY?? šŸ˜‰

  • vedjen

    I’ve been waiting for you to write about this! I was shocked to read that google reader was being discontinued. Between this and iGoogle I’ve basically got to create an entirely new system to keep all of my internets in order. Not happy. I’ll check out The Old Reader — thanks!

  • Amanda

    I’m delurking to say thanks for the tip! I love reading your adventures, and was stressing out about losing Google Reader. The new spot looks great, looking forward to my import completing!

  • Kim Q

    Thanks for the suggestion- I signed up for netvibes and haven’t been loving it. Maybe this one will actually get me off Google Reader before I’m forced to leave kicking and screaming.

  • Shannon

    I can’t figure out why Google keeps taking away things that I love, (iGoogle, Reader), but I have decided that they are bitter over my lack of participation in Google+. If they do something with Gmail, I might just hurl myself of of a building. So, that being said, I searched around for a new RSS feed reader a few months back, and have been the happiest with the Reeder app. Try it, I think that you’ll like it.

  • Chelsea Schiavone

    YES! I have been pathetically waiting around for someone to point me in a new reader direction. Thanks for sharing!!

  • Sandy A.

    I will move today! Do you know if The Old Reader has a “subscribe” bookmarklet like the one Google Reader had? Kind of like the “pin it” bookmarklet? I would love one of those on my toolbar! Thanks for sharing this reader — I’ve been really bummed since reading that Google Reader was shutting down. iGoogle is another one that I really like that is shutting down in the future. So sad.

  • melaniek

    Thank you for this post, I was hoping you would give us a heads up where to go… I was so bummed when I got that message! Gonna switch ASAP

  • Courtney Tucker

    Trying The Old Reader now. Thanks for the tip. I was not liking Feedly.

    I would just like to say though, that I still love Google. I don’t think they were trying to push to Google+. I think they may have been trying to push to something else Google though…

  • Katie

    Okay. So I signed up for the Old Reader and it says I have to use subscriptions.xml from my takeout archive on google. WTH is that? And where do I find it?

  • Katie

    I THINK I figured it out…..we will see…something about google takeout and downloading and extracting the subscription folder to desktop and then importing it into the old reader. But for some reason I can’t get it to work….

  • Annie

    I’ve imported my subscriptions from Google Reader, but there are 27788 users in front of me. Can that be true?!? Are they really that backed up? And was there a wait time for you too? (Wondering if I did it wrong)

    • zoot

      Annie – I didn’t even try importing mine! I haven’t “cleaned up” my feed reader in so long, I took this as a chance to manually add them one at a time, so I could really think about them before I did it šŸ™‚ Although, now I’m really glad I did since the line is so long! CRAZY!

      • Annie

        Yeah, I should actually do that too. There are a lot that I just mark as read- especially if they make me click over to their site. I’m far too lazy and rushed for that!

  • Kirsten

    I’ve been TRYING to import my stuff to The Old Reader since LAST SATURDAY. Apparently all of us had the same idea after Google’s little announcement, and I was met with the happy notification that there were ONLY 81,249shldsfkoiusdf feeds ahead of me to be imported.

    Now to groom all the old, dead sites out, and make all my feeds NOT say everybody has new posts….

  • Carol

    I’m just now getting used to LOL But I did share this on the Rocket City Bloggers FB group page too. Also, what did you use to sign on to The Old Reader. I noticed you said you are not using Google+ just for spite so I guess you used Facebook to sign in?

  • Rachael

    Thank you! I have also imported to Feedly & Bloglines, but I don’t really like the look of bloglines and would LOVE LOVE LOVE to have a share function again.

  • Jess

    I used to follow you on GReader and loved seeing your shared posts! I’m on my way to set up Old Reader now!

  • Susan

    I was trying Netvibes, but there’s a lag (up to 12 hours) for new content to appear, which I just can’t handle. So, I’m going to give The Old Reader a try. And, of course, I’d follow you to any RSS! Not getting to read your shared items made me sad when that was taken away. And, losing iGoogle later this year is still killing me. Netvibes ain’t iGoogle : (

  • Tamara

    I see that you left a comment that you were able to manually add your subscriptions- I don’t want to wait for the 30K in front of me!! But I can’t get the ‘subscribe’ to work- I wonder if they have disabled it because of the backlog??? Anyone else having issues?

  • Kate

    Thankyou!!! I started w google reader per you suggestion ages ago and I’ve been so sad since the announcement. I will hussle on over asap