Fluff Piece

I wrote a long entry about the bible and refugees and politics and then I left it in draft mode because I’m rushed and didn’t have time to really go through it to make sure my words didn’t sound insulting to Christians because sometimes it’s easy to fall back into a negative voice when you give up religion in life and I NEVER want to do that. But I’m telling you that entry is there so you’ll hold me accountable because I really do have solid questions about the bible and politics and refugees. I just don’t want to be insulting as I ask them.

SO! Let’s make this a short fluff piece instead.

There’s a documentary out about that race I’ve obsessed over for years near where I grew up. I know I’ve talked about it here, but I watched the documentary finally and it’s SO GOOD. It also has some local peeps from my community in it. If you’ve ever thought the running I do is insane, you HAVE to watch this documentary. It’s about this crazy hard/impossible/dangerous race in the back woods of Tennessee run by this lovely guy who might delight in the misery of others JUST a little bit :). It’s on Netflix and you should watch it and then come back and talk to me about it. You will just be BLOWN AWAY by how insane it is and they picked a good year to film because some years there are NO FINISHERS but this year there was and it was actually kinda exciting and I even knew the results!

So go! Watch it! We’ll talk about the bible and refugees another day.


  • Tamara Tedd

    I was totally going to watch that this weekend, but didn’t. Now I will- to participate in the interwebz version of ‘book club’..hooray!

  • Tamara Tedd

    oh.my.word. that is the craziest thing I have ever seen!! Makes my 40 miles seem like a walk in the park. Those guys and gals are amazing…. I cried at the end, so invested was I in John’s outcome- GO ANTARCTICA!!!