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Today is my first long run of my half-marathon training. It’s just four miles since I’m doing the novice training which starts assuming you’ve at least made it to the 5K level. Which I have. Barely. So, the first long run is 4 miles. I’ve taken Hal Higdon’s 10-week half-marathon training program and extended it to give me must more reasonable transitions between distances. The 10-week program worked fine for me last time, but I don’t have as much confidence this time. So today? Four miles. The weather is going to be great and I have a running partner this time, so I feel good about today.

Wish me luck. I’ll be later with predictable reports of pain and agony. And hopefully success.

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  1. Bless you. I read up on Hal’s programs and they were a ton harder than the few Couch to 5Ks I’d seen. I’m at around 2.75 miles (and it feels like death).

  2. It sounds like we’d be perfect running partners since we have the same pace. All my runner friends are faster than I am but that doesn’t keep me from running tons of 5ks. I’m looking at a half marathon in October and you are really inspiring me to do it! Thanks for writing about it. You are really giving me hope in myself.

  3. OK I’m confused. 4 miles is closer to 6km that it is to 5! or am I doing the math wrong? Where can I find the plan?

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