Facebook Disclaimer

I know a lot of bloggers who use Facebook like they do their blog, basically allowing it to be open to the public by accepting all friend requests. However, I do a LOT locally with Facebook and I get tagged in photos and events; and I do things with family and friends who tag me in their photos; and I don’t think those people would like their pictures to be viewed by people I don’t really know anything about. So, I only accept friend requests from people who I know – at least over email/comments or from their blog.

BUT I hate this! Because at least people who read my blog know me. You all know what I believe and who I am more than the average person who I meet in real life does. So, I almost wish we could be Facebook friends because I’m almost positive I wouldn’t have to unfriend any of you.

I decided what I needed was a DISCLAIMER for my Facebook page. Something to alert people before they send me a friend request. Something to make sure THEY know me as well as YOU do. You all would know that if you posted things like, “God does not make Gay people, The Devil does.” that I would unfriend you in a MILLISECOND. But not everyone in the real world knows this. This is why I rarely send friend requests anyway; because I’m worried that my periodic Pro Gay Rights postings (really the only time I do anything political on Facebook) might upset someone, especially in my uber-conservative community. But how do I warn them of that type of stuff before they send ME a friend request? HA! Mah Blog.

SO! Without further ado…a Disclaimer that I’ll link to in my “ABOUT” section of Facebook so maybe someone will click here BEFORE they send me a friend request and I won’t have to find out that the guy who mows my lawn encourages people to TP houses with Obama signs in the yard.

Before You Send Me A Friend Request

WAIT! Before you send me a Facebook friend request I feel like you should know some things about me. The most important being: I’m very prolific on Facebook. I post crap ALL THE TIME. Everything from YouTube videos about math (I (heart) Vi Hart!) to funny stuff my kids say (Mommy! We’re finding bad guys, stabbing them, and then EATING them!) to the random photo of beer. If that type of mundane stuff bothers you? BE WARNED.

Sometimes I post links to things I write on this blog. I blog here almost every weekday and I don’t post a link to everything, I figured if you want to read my blog…you’d just read my blog. But periodically I write something I think my normal friends and family who don’t read here regularly, might like to read. So I’ll post a link. Some people find that annoying and narcissistic. But let’s be honest – I’ve been blogging since 2004. I AM ALREADY A WELL-ESTABLISHED NARCISSIST.

But it’s also very important that you know – in terms of the warnings you should heed before sending me a friend request – I am a STRONG proponent of Gay Rights. If you would like to read more about why this is important to me read THIS and THIS. I don’t talk politics much on Facebook at all – but the Gay Rights cause is dear to my heart and has been for awhile so periodically I’ll share something related to the issue because I want my friends and family to know how much it means to me. If this offends you? Please don’t send a friend request.

Finally – if you periodically post rants against the LGBT community, even if you think you’re being “funny”, I will unfriend you. Not just silent you, or unsubscribe, I’ll unfriend you. EXAMPLE: If you write a status detailing sex between gay men and how it disgusts you? Then I will unfriend you. Also – obviously I voted for Obama this election. I’m very open about that here on my blog, but I don’t put Obama stickers on my car or discuss it in general company. So, if we’ve met in real life you may not know I’m a bleeding heart liberal. I’m telling you this now. Because if you post things like, “I hope everyone who voted for Obama ends up homeless,” I will unfriend you. I have no problem being friends with people who vote differently than me. I wrote an entry about maintaining friendships during an election that was shared on Facebook 186 times at the time I wrote this. I don’t even mind you promoting your guy! Or even bashing my guy’s policies! But the blanket ignorant bashing of half the country because we voted differently than you? I don’t want to condone that ignorance by keeping a connection with you on Facebook.

(SIDENOTE – I’ve actually unfriended people recently for those exact things. Hence the decision to write this disclaimer in the first place. If you wish me and my family to be homeless, I don’t really think you should be able to see the pictures I post of us doing fun things like jumping on trampolines.)

Here’s the thing…Just because we know each other? Doesn’t mean we have to be Facebook friends. You may not want to see my constant postings about Glee, or you may post a lot about how you believe Gay Marriage should be banned. If there is any reason you think we shouldn’t be Facebook friends – that’s fine! That’s why I rarely send Facebook requests. I just assume no one wants to be subjected to my constant drivel and would hate to force that upon them before they knew what they were getting into.

Who cares if we’re not Facebook friends? We can see each other in whatever environment we know each other – have fun and laugh and talk about our lives. No problem! I don’t believe everyone who meets each other or hangs out periodically has to immediately become Facebook friends.

But – if none of the things I told you about me bother you. Or if it bothers you but you don’t post offensive things about people like me or people I support. I maintain a LOT of friendships with people on Facebook different than me! I’m friends with people who vote Republican, people who hate musicals, and even people who watch Walking Dead! I believe my life can be blessed by people different from me! We just don’t insult each other or the causes we each support. And if you like Glee, or Doctor Who; or if you’re a nerdfighter or addicted to Harry Potter; or if you love musicals and vampires…let’s be friends! Send that request on in and we can geek out about all of these things together.