Exceeds Expectations

Remember how we fell into the 3″-5″ band of snow predictions yesterday? Well look at the band of totals at the end of the 24-hour day.


Huntsville ended up with an official tally of 8.1″ I believe, breaking all sorts of single-day snow records, and February snow records, and Sled Improvising records. The Pool Intertube Float Sled is the BEST improvised sled I’ve ever tried. I’ve done laundry baskets, rubbermaid lids, storage containers, but the intertube? THE BEST. I actually was able to go pretty fast since I’m heavier. When I wasn’t filming I could push Nikki so she’d go faster, but she needed a good push whereas I just needed to not face plant when I did a jump start down the hill.



Donnie didn’t get out in it at all because he has major issues with The Cold since that unseasonably cold triathlon 2 years ago where he experienced early onset hypothermia and had to be picked up on the side of the bike course by the Fire Department. I swear it’s almost like PTSD, he just can’t handle being cold now. And Wes only played in it a little, which is INSANE. He didn’t even intertube sled with us! I’m hoping to get him out in it more this morning before it starts to melt off.

Basically it was Nikki and I intertubing down our hill for an hour last night after dinner. We haven’t seen this much snow since 2011, so I’m trying to savor it enough to last another 4 years. I want to get the kids out in it as soon as the sun comes up since it will start to melt off today, but I’m worried our neighbors might kill us. We’re the only ones with small kids at the top of the hill, most of the small kids are at the bottom. Although, I’m betting they’ll make the trek up this morning to do some sledding.

Or intertubing…whatever…


  • Karen

    I am not a snow player-inner. Do NOT like. I *love* looking at it, though. I love getting snowed in and being able to make hot chocolate and/or soups/stews. But I am not a fan of getting out in it. It’s probably because I have never owned real snow gear, so when I was a kid, I always got too cold and wet (not to mention lost any snowball fight I was a part of). And I’m not a fan of driving in it. Hoping the roads are ok when I have to pick hubby up from airport at noon.

  • Amber

    I’m so jealous! Here in TX, we were promised 3-5 inches yesterday. (Like 100% chance! For three solid hours!) Instead, we got zero inches and a whole bunch of rain. 🙁