Easter Child Tossing Is Back!

We neglected our Child Tossing tradition last year – just simply forgot – and I assumed that was going to be a thing of the past since the kids were getting so big. But Donnie was ready to go yesterday and reminded me right before the sun set, LET’S DO THIS!

If you haven’t been around the blog (or my family in real life) you might not have heard of our Easter tradition that started with this perfect photo in 2008.


Wesley’s best year was – by far – 2012.


But my favorite year was the year we perfected the double toss, 2011.


There are several more from every year but 2014, but you get the point. Nikki BARELY made it past Donnie’s finger tips yesterday, but her expression made it a total win.


The thing about the kids getting bigger is that Donnie can only do one or two solid attempts. (Thank goodness for the “burst” feature on the iPhone.) I’m very glad that Wes did this random kick during his attempt because it made the picture so much more awesome.

Special Guest Star: My Canine Niece, Maggie.


Donnie also got his hands on our nephew, mainly because he was BEGGING for a chance so that may mean that we can keep this going a few more years if Donnie’s brother will continue to trust him with his child’s life!

All in all – a successful mission. Next year we’ll have to let Nikki jump on a trampoline and just Photoshop her above Donnie’s head.


  • junkie

    SO GLAD you did this post today! otherwise i was going to call you out on it tomorrow b/c i was thinking wes should have at least still had this year with it…lol. 🙂

    love you