Did I Mention It Was Hot This Weekend?

After Her First Ever (In The Park) Home Run!

Softball is over for the year, and I’m going to say something that I’m probably not supposed to say.


The regular softball season was fine, but we took part in All-Stars after the season was over. I don’t know if your city does this, but after the regular city tournament, they put together All-Stars teams. Each ball park (our city league is organized like school districts) picks the best players from all of their teams in one age group, and sends one All-Star team from each park to a city tournament. Nikki got put on our All-Star team for the 8U coach pitch division. Yay!

Except, you know…not really.

All-Stars is a completely different breed of softball. If you are a really aggressive parent and like to yell at umps and what not? You’d probably love All-Stars. But I’m not aggressive. I cheer a lot, but it’s all positive and I never yell at an ump. The All-Star tournament from this weekend was full of REALLY SERIOUS SOFTBALL PARENTS. And that’s great! Good for them! I’m just not one of them. So, I was glad when it was over.

ALSO – After practicing almost every day for 2 weeks – the tournament was crammed into one weekend. Actually, we had a game Thursday night and Friday night to determine our seed for the tournament. Then the tournament started Saturday. Now…before I tell you about Saturday let me tell you two important facts:

1) Nikki is 6 years old (although there are girls on the team as old as 9)
2) The high was 98 on Saturday

The girls played THREE GAMES on Saturday.

Let me let that sink in…


It was crazy. It was hot and hot and SO VERY HOT. I had run 15 miles Saturday morning and Donnie ran a duathalon. Then we played three softball games. And Donnie helped coach/pitch in those games.

Did I mention it was hot?

But Nikki was a champ. She never really complained other than needed water/ice rags/gatorade. She still hustled up until the very last second of the very last game. She was amazing. It’s so obvious she was born an athlete and I’m so glad that the klutzy genes I passed on to her don’t slow her down a bit. She may be the smallest on the team but she’s one of the fastest. She did great.


I’ll tell you, though. This mister/fan right here? The best thing I bought this weekend. After our first game I ran to Target and bought a few of these fans and they made the second two games much more bearable for Wes. He was bored out of his mind so those misters kept him entertained and cooled off. If you need to spend many hours in the sun with small kids? GET YOU A MISTER FAN.

After the long day we went to see Brave with the kids. Nikki wore her costume and simply loved it. She’s always been a bit of a fighter, not a lover, when it comes to movie preference. But she’s still a girly-girl at heart, so giving her a movie where a girl in a dress kicks some ass? And she’s happy. We all enjoyed it too. In terms of the Pixar spectrum I liked it better than Cars and Up, but not as much as Finding Nemo and Toy Story. I loved it, though, and will surely buy it when it comes out on DVD!

Finally…I did some baking with the kids. We haven’t cooked together in awhile so I made a point to let them help me do the desserts for family dinner. We did an oreo cake (Improvised from this) and this cookie pie which is always a big hit. They were great helpers and it was a perfect indoor activity on Sunday to counterbalance the heat from Saturday.

All-in-all it was one of those super-busy weekends that makes me very excited to welcome Monday.

What about you? Was it so hot this weekend that your son burned his feet running out to the van with no shoes on? Because a certain teenage son of mine did. Summer in Alabama…where no one cares it it’s hot enough to fry an egg on the sidewalk, we’re more concerned about third degree burns on bare feet.


  • birdgal

    I’m impressed with Nikki’s ability to overcome the heat–my daughter (also 6) DOES NOT like to sweat and is a total complainer when it comes to being ‘hot’ (she’s also a girly girl and is way more fashion conscious than I ever was, or am). It was pretty hot here too (NC), though not quite 98. It was hot enough at the pool for my 3 year old son to run shrieking to me to pick him up since his feet were frying (I had flip flops on, otherwise, I’d be in the same boat). I’ve never understood why they don’t use heat reflecting paint (that exists, right?) all over the pool deck (I guess it would be too slippery?) since the cement gets so screaming hot.

    I was also thinking of going to see Brave with my daughter (did Wes like it? I don’t know if my son would enjoy it as much, and he’s just slightly younger than Wes)–I love me a kickass ‘princess’ and a scottish accent, so I know I’ll enjoy it (I’ve read it’s an ok Pixar movie, but a good Disney movie, seeing as a Pixar movie has such higher expectations attached to it).

  • Melizzard

    OK, I have to confess that when I saw you post the first time about All-Stars I thought “Huh, I’ve been reading her blog for years and I never saw that coming.” Having experienced a bit of it ourselves and walked away for many of the reasons you just talked about, it just didn’t seem your style. The importance they place on it all just gets insane and it gets worse every year they get older.

    Confession #2 – we saw Brave also and I didn’t really like it. I mean I didn’t hate it but it just seemed boring as could be to me. I just couldn’t get involved in the story, the characters all seemed really one dimensional. And I’m a person who has probably watched and cried over Nemo about 1,000 times. So Brave was kind of a big let down.

  • amy

    My son played in an all star game for 9 year olds. The parents on the other teams heckled our boys. Laughed and pointed at them when they missed balls or got out. It was horrible. The kids playing were fine it is the parents who need to learn sportsmanship. Takes the fun away from the game.