Curse Word Of The Day: Shiitake Mushrooms!

Thanks for the tips yesterday, guys! I think I’m going to do a combination of just about everything. I’m going to try this weekend to cook a few meals and put them in containers for re-heating this week. I’m going to try. I only have about 4 hours on Saturday to do everything I need to do this weekend and I have to do a LOT of stuff so, you know, fingers crossed!

It’s also Kim’s Allergy Season right now. It started this week and will last 4-6 weeks. This is the only time of year I suffer with allergies but HOLY SHIITAKE MUSHROOMS, do I suffer! I woke up with a sneezing fit at 1:20am this morning and couldn’t go back to sleep. So! I got up and did laundry and dishes and steam-mopped my office floor. Then I read a little bit before passing out for a little over an hour thanks to another coughing fit. I am one of those people that really hates Spring. It’s onset means the end of my trail-running season which I hate, and it brings my allergies which I hate more, and it brings out the wasps and the snakes which I hate most of all. I’m the Grinch of Spring. HATE.

But I’m going to spread some joy today. One of my favorite YouTubers is a comedian by the name of Grace Helbig who I’ve talked about before here because I love everything she does. I wish I had cable so I could watch her new show on E!. Donnie thinks she’s okay, doesn’t think she’s as funny as I do, but HOLY SHIITAKE MUSHROOMS – she made him laugh so hard with this video.

I wouldn’t listen to it loud. It’s not really offensive (she beeps her own curse words) but it is a little…rude.

I also have a funny story from work yesterday. I work down the hall from an eye doctor and they have this sign at the stairs that encourages you to take the elevator if your eyes have been dilated. That is actually irrelevant but I think just a funny note to make as I know where this story is headed.

I was trying to get my phone out of my purse as I was walking and then I noticed there was an older lady (Like…80? Maybe?) coming UP the stairs and it caught me off guard and I stumbled and ended up on my butt and she said, “OH MY WORD! Are you okay honey?” I started cracking up and said, “Yes, ma’am. Sorry to startle you, I’m just a klutz. I’m fine.”

Wait. That’s not the funny part.

I got up, put the stuff back in my purse that had fallen out, and took one step and fell again. I didn’t land on my butt, I caught myself on the rail but I did audibly gasp and the lady heard the stumble again and paused before turning down the hall and looked back at me one more time to make sure I was okay.

“See? Told you! Klutz!”

She just shook her head this time and kept walking. I’m pretty sure she thought I was drunk. Maybe I should have been.

Happy Friday! Here’s to avoiding multiple stumbles down stairs today! You know you’re a klutz when you hope to avoid multiple stumbles. You know you’ll never avoid them all.


  • LC

    HAHA! I laugh because I can commiserate. I have this amazing tendency to always trip going UP stairs, especially at work. (I once did it carrying a TV to my room in college. That resulted in a new tv.) Fortunately most times at work there are no people in the stairwell….but this one time…….. of course I make a huge horrible racket, my water bottle goes flying, and someone is in the stairwell below me, probably thinking an elephant just came crashing down above them. I picked myself and my stuff up quickly and ran out of the stairwell before they could see it was me.