Clean Slate. Happy New Year.

It’s very common after a big race for the average person to go entirely off the rails with health and eating. You’re supposed to be “recovering” so you’re not getting that exercise every day that you’re used to, but you’re also hungry all the time because you burned all of those calories training and racing so you’re eating double and exercising zero.

But since this is me we’re talking about – we all know that I left the rails and then took the train off of a mountain-top and sunk it down at the bottom of the ocean.

Without exercise to help me with stress, I eat more.

Add that to the fact that our renovations are done so I’m stressing about getting the house ready for market again so I had a high-stress week without my normal anxiety coping mechanism.

THEN we had an office party. And I call myself a “lazy herbivore” because in social situations when there’s not a lot of vegan options I’ll sometimes just choose the most vegan thing I can. I’ll ingest some dairy or eggs on those occassions where I don’t want to be rude or I’m just lazy.

But y’all? I ATE MEAT.

I don’t want to discuss then whens/where/hows/whys…just know I ate meat for the first time in YEARS.


And I drank beer SEVERAL (all?) of the nights. I’ve been trying to keep that to the weekends BUT NOT THIS WEEK! It was beer-thirty every night.

OFF THE RAILS, I tell you.

So. I’m being kind. I’m giving myself that week of chaos and I’m trying to A) Not feel too guilty about it (Even though I can’t help it. MEAT. I ATE MEAT. WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME?) and B) Look to this week as the REAL start of my New Year since it’s not really ideal to start it the way I did. With a week of post 100K recovery. NO ONE CAN EXERCISE OR EAT WELL THE WEEK AFTER A 100K.

But I do have another race in 2 weeks. Its a really tough 50K. I need to be in top form because I’d really like to PR that baby. So I’m starting my New Year TODAY. January 11th. 9 days after my 100K. I didn’t even exercise on January 1st like the rest of the world did because I had a 100K on the 2nd so I was taking it easy. I didn’t do ANYTHING like you’re supposed to!

So. Jan 11th. The start of my new year. My clean slate. I’m going to pretend the last week didn’t happen, okay?



  • Kathy

    “But y’all? I ATE MEAT.”

    I know it’s not funny but this made me laugh because it came out of left field and caught me totally off guard…… my mind was going to other places like a dozen donuts or a family size bag of cheetos.

    Forget about last week……. today’s a new start to a great year. Hip Hip Hooray and all that good stuff. 🙂

  • Liz

    I will sabotage myself in the worst way. If I resolve to not yell at my kids, I’m horribly screaming a half hour later. I don’t know how to stop this cycle, so if you find a method, I’ll try it. Good luck and be gentle with yourself.