• Back to where it all started…

    Before I started blogging at this incarnation of my blog in 2004, I set up a geocities page where I talked about TV. Mainly a show called Temptation Island. No one knew about it and I lost interest in it pretty quickly, but it was my attempt to join the Television Without Pity circle (If you were obsessed with TV in the late 90s/ early 2000s you knew MightyBigTV and TWoP) and it didn’t last long.

    You see, I didn’t grow up with regular TV watching habits. We had pretty strict TV rules that I broke whenever my Dad was gone, but that wasn’t often. I also didn’t have cable often in college so I have these weird blanks of pop culture knowledge. I didn’t watch anything by Josh Whedon until 2008 when I binge-watched it ALL on maternity leave with Wesley. I still haven’t seen an episode of Dawson’s Creek or Freaks and Geeks and I didn’t start watching Veronica Mars until the last season.

    When I got cable regularly sometime in 2000 or 2001, I was obsessed with reality TV. I watch Amazing Race, Big Brother, Survivor and of course American Idol. I started slowly but surely losing interest in those shows and becoming more of a scripted television fan and now the only reality TV I watch is So You Think You Can Dance and I didn’t watch that last season.

    I still have never gotten into grown-up shows. I watched a little bit of Weeds but hated the lead female too much to stick with it. Same thing with Orange is the New Black. Piper makes me crazy so I just gave up. I’ve watched season 1 of Daredevil and Jessica Jones because my love of superhero stories over powers my distaste of rated-R television. I don’t watch any of the other popular grown-up shows like Game of Thrones or Walking Dead or the political one every jokes about that I can’t recall.

    Mainly, I like shows I can watch with my kids. Specifically Nyoka because Wes prefers using “TV time” to watch YouTube videos about minecraft. I watch a lot of sitcoms, they’re the ones I stay caught up on. Brooklyn 99, New Girl and Modern Family. I watch a lot of superhero television. I haven’t kept up with Arrow the last few weeks because it pissed me off and I’m waiting for it to move past a certain storyline but Supergirl, Flash and of course iZombie (comic book origins so it counts as a superhero show) are my faves.

    I tell you all of this because I’m probably going to be in bed most of today. I’ve either got the worse case of allergies I’ve ever had or I caught a terrible cold/respiratory infection in the shortest time possible last night. I basically woke up at midnight and have not stopped coughing and sneezing since. Fastest onset of any disease ever. I plan on staying in bed most of the day and I want suggestions on TV shows I should watch. I thought about going Daredevil 2 since I can’t watch that one around the kids but I haven’t had anyone I trust confirm I’ll like it. Donnie said I will but sometimes he just WANTS me to like something so bad he turns me towards it and I’m worried. Season 1 was almost too gory for me, and I’m terrified something bad is going to happen to Foggie.

    So…I’m in bed wishing I was dead. What should I be watching?