• UK Crime Dramas And New Training Plans

    So, I’ve continued my UK Crime Drama spree by following up Safe on Netflix with The Five on Netflix and then I started Shetland on Netflix and now I’m dreaming in British and Scottish accents and not flinching when people are driving in my lane on a road. (Seriously. Took me several beats to recognize someone took a turn too wide and ended up in my lane.)

    I haven’t binge-watched TV in awhile. I binged on The Magicians when Mom was in the hospital but since then, not really much of any TV watching until the invasion of the British and Scottish crime dramas.

    I contain multitudes.

    I started a training plan this week. There is an 8-mile trail race on my birthday in Huntsville (7/14) and I decided to try to spend the next 7 weeks prepping for it. I haven’t registered yet, there’s a 4-mile option the same day and I wanted to see how this first week of the training program went before I committed to the 8-mile option. I was very nervous because other than a few 50-yard stretches when Eliah and I go on walks, I haven’t run in MONTHS.

    Little did I know that all of the walking I’ve been doing has kept me in good cardio shape! I was supposed to run for 20 minutes on day 01. The running time was important so if I need ed to stop and take breaks I was supposed to stop the timer. But guess what? I didn’t need to stop the timer! I ran the whole time! The whole 20 minutes! I actually ended up running longer so I could end on an even 2-mile. I was so proud of myself! Yesterday I walked a total of 7 miles with a 20-minutes of hill-repeats thrown in before bed. Now, I’m sore from the hills, but other than that I feel great.

    DO NOT SCOFF AT WALKING. I’ve been walking probably 12-18 miles a week for the last several months and it turns out that has kept my base fitness level pretty high. I thought I would need a “Couch-to-X” program but at a friend’s suggestion I started at a 5K training level, like someone who could walk/jog a 5K, and I’m working to the 8-mile distance which is the race distance.


    And as usual, I eat better when I run because A) I’m concerned about my digestive system rebelling if I don’t and B) I’m concerned about undoing the hard work from the walk/jog. I had kinda jumped back into the French Fries as Road Trip food habit which passes the time when you’re alone in a car but tends to not make you feel very good about yourself when you’ve reached your destination with 4 empty fry containers in your car. I still need a solution for the 200-mile drive boredom, but maybe one with less cholesterol.

    That’s where I am with the chaos. At least one, sometimes two, 400-mile round trips back/forth to Tennessee every week. Lots of cops with accents solving crimes. Lots of walking and reconnecting with old friends. Lots of days packed with family time since I only see them 3-4 days a week now. And now a little bit of training thrown into the mix. This is our lives at least until October when Mom is allowed to drive again, and I think adding running is going to help manage my mental health amidst the chaos.

    Running and Scottish detectives, that is.