• Quick Update

    The surgery took me out for way longer than it was supposed to yesterday. I even missed Wes’s Kindergarten orientation. Here is the FB update I posted last night when I stayed awake long enough to update family and friends and eat some damn food because I was STARVING TO DEATH. I am super behind on life today, sorry to duplicate the same thing from FB. But, I’m too busying trying to each double the amount of caffeine and food I can to make up for yesterday.

    Kim’s Update

    •  My heart rate measured 49 and 45 at different points. They asked me if I was a runner Most PROUD moment of my life!
    • My C-section scar tissue was not too much for them to do the thermal ablation after the Dilation & Curettage. This is GREAT news because that will help the most with my endometriosis. I kept referring to the procedure as “cooking my uterus”. Donnie was not a big van of my invented vernacular.
    • They removed several polyps provided me Before/After photos of them. It’s like my Uterus got a Makeover!
    • I woke up in more pain than any of my other surgeries over the years. Morphine didn’t even touch it. They gave me four servings of Dilaudid. That did the trick!
    • I suffered from the same post-anesthesia nausea I suffer through often after surgeries. Whatever cocktail the put in my anesthesia to prevent that didn’t help. That’s the main reason why we were there so much longer than we were supposed to, they didn’t want to send me home until I felt better. They ended up doping me up with Zofran and Phenergan. The later, of which, made me SO EXHAUSTED that I was completely useless even after we were discharged.

    Thanks again for all of your support. This was a bittersweet day – GOOD because hopefully I won’t suffer as much any more, but BAD because it was the official close to the Child Bearing chapter in our lives. So, we needed all of the good thoughts we could get…thank you very much. Love to you all!