E came into town Monday afternoon, left last night, and we had three REALLY good days while he was here. He doesn’t usually come into town for more than one day at a time, so he always has to cram in time with his friends while he’s here and it never feels long enough and I’m always depressed when he leaves. I’m depressed he left this time too, but for entirely different reasons. We just had SO MUCH FUN! We went roller skating Tuesday night and Wednesday night we celebrated Wes’s birthday by going to an arcade/restaurant and to the playground with Wes’s friends. There were also trips to Barnes and Noble, lunches out, beers had (He’s 21 now! That’s fun!), and episodes of Gilmore Girls watched. All in all? It was a great trip and I’m sad to wake up this morning and not have to try to be quiet in the kitchen so I don’t wake him up.

He’s officially a senior in college. If all goes well, he will graduate in May. His goal is to get out of Alabama as fast as the wind will carry him, but he’ll also go where the jobs are so…who knows. Either way, I have to start bracing myself for the fact that these spontaneous trips to see each other may be coming to an end this year. And so I need to do everything I can to make them happen as frequently as possible. I have a big race in September, but I really want to not take on anything more than usual for the next several months after that. Still do my favorite races throughout the winter, but nothing MORE. I’ll have a back-to-back weekend in November if all goes well, but other than that I’ll just keep up to the 50K training level until January, and then just keep my head above water to survive the Spring races. Nothing major that would keep me from popping into town to see him on the weekends if he has time to breathe.

It’s hard, thinking about him being more than 2.5 hours away next year. My perspective gets spoiled because I’ve always been within a weekend drive from my family and we live in the same town as all of Donnie’s family. I forget that not everyone is so lucky.

But I’ll worry about that when the time comes. Until then I’ll be sure to remember that he’ll stay a little longer if you promise to buy him new socks.


College kids are quite easy to bribe, it turns out.